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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Darling Daughter

My lovely baby girl is celebrating a birthday today.  She probably wouldn’t want me to reveal her age, so I won’t tell you when she was born – just that she arrived late on a Monday evening, a good month later than we thought she should arrive.

The previous morning, thinking there’d be a new addition to the family within the day, DH and I had taken our toddler over to my parents.  Interestingly, shortly after we got there, all signs of an imminent arrival disappeared.  We spent the day with my family, my mother trying every trick she knew to try to persuade the reluctant one that this really is a beautiful world.  All to no avail.  By evening, we went home baby-less and toddler-less – leaving the little one with his grandparents because surely the new baby would change its mind sometime in the middle of the night.  NOT!

Monday morning dawned bright, and DH and I had some errands we wanted to accomplish, so proceeded to do just that, returning to my parents’ home for me and DS1 and ?? to stay there when DH had to go to work.  Well, about 9 pm some of my mother’s ‘persuasive’ techniques seemed to be working – and off we went!

Wouldn’t you know it – the nurses bawled me out for waiting so long!  Honestly, I didn’t know I was in such advanced labor.

Our little girl all of a sudden couldn’t wait to make her appearance – no sterile delivery room with bright lights and stirrups and a doctor for her.


That independent spirit is still alive in her today – but I don’t think she’s been late for anything since then (except to her wedding!!!).

 62.Ali and JB

This lovely young woman has a love for life, a spirit of joy and exuberance, and is surrounded by friends and family that she adores and who adore her.

As a little girl, she ran everywhere – and is still running.  Her ballet and modeling classes just added to her grace and beauty.  Her artistic sense of color and design are displayed in every aspect of her life from clothing to home – and have boded her well in her chosen profession as an interior designer.

In just a few days, we’ll be together with a myriad of friends and family for another celebration of her marriage to a wonderful man who has simply helped to bring out the best in her.  They don’t live close, so we only get to see them a few times a year at best – and cherish every opportunity!

So Darling Daughter – here’s wishing you a fabulous day, a glorious celebration, and a wonderful year ahead.                We love you with all our hearts.                       Mom and Dad


  1. What a lovely tribute to your lovely daughter. Happy Birthday to her and congratulations to you and your family for the fine people you have give to your world. The most important assets we have are our families. So many more just seem to be falling apart it is great to see a strong one. Blessings

  2. That is one of the nicest birthday tributes to a daughter I've ever read!

  3. I love that picture of Alina leaping in the air! It hangs on my office wall and always makes me smile - no matter what's going! Wish I was going be there next weekend, but duty calls! Give her and Johnny a hug from me and know that I'll be thinking of all of you while I'm sitting in endless committee meetings, fighting for our funding and the future of libraries everywhere. (Sounds way more dramatic than it actually probably will be!)