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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Awards – Receiving and Giving

This last 2 weeks, I’ve received awards – blogging awards.  Actually, they’re for one of my other blogs where I’m trying out some creative writing.  But they’re general blog awards, and I want to honor the sender by sharing these with the bloggers out there who’ve enriched my life with the sharing of their lives through blog-land.  They inspire me, encourage me, awe me and just generally make my days better.  I’m woefully behind in keeping up by commenting on their blogs, but I’ve not neglected to at least read them. 
I’ll list the bloggers below the awards, and where possible I’ll also send a private message to the recipients.  Thank you, all of you for opening your lives and hearts to the world!
Lovely Blogger award:

Creative Mind award:

Sunshine Wishes award:

Your comments are extraordinary award:

Fabulous Bling award:

And here are the recipients – bloggers that I follow, some of whom also follow me.  Check them out – you may find some new friends among them! 
“Have We Got Any Peanuts”
A Caching We Will Go
Ed Out and About
Elsie Quilts
Everyday Goddess
French Village Life
Lisa Michelle Design
Looking Back, Moving Forward
Magpie Tales (where you’ll find dozens more bloggers with tales to tell – all of whom deserve awards as well)
Mrs. Sew and Sew
My Front Porch
On This Rock
Patchwork Promises
Pieceful Afternoon
Quilt Nut Creations
Quiltmoms Journey
Raven’s Nest Chronicles
Scraps of Life
Sew Many Ways
Sew Me Something Good
Something About Murray
Sweet JB
Tactile Pleasures
Trees, Trails and Tupperware
What Matters Most
Yemalla’s Moon
{me and serendipity}
Thank you again, all of you, for your wonderful blogs – and for your kind and caring comments on my blogs.



  1. And thank you for the award! Didn't even know I had been nominated. LOL

  2. Peg, how kind! the slight problem is that I ahve made my blog tag/award free! But I so appreciate this, and will put it up for a period.
    Thank you!!

  3. Thanks so much Peg! I appreciate it! 8-)

  4. thank you so much Peg . .i feel honored. Your header picture of the gerber daisies is just so bright and pretty.

  5. Thanks for sending the award my way. It's an honour!

  6. Thank you, Peg, I'm blushing with all the nice things you've said and to be included with all these wonderful bloggers.
    The best part about blogging is the opportunity to make friends - near and far.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.