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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

From Rubber Gloves to Garden Gloves

Now that work is over, for a while at least, I decided that this is the week to get spring cleaning done.  Normally I get it done in March or April when DH goes away for a spring hunt, but this year I was working when he was away (not hunting but doing some renos on DS1’s house), so we’re behind a bit.  One room at a time, and by this time next week, I should be all done.

This morning it was bathrooms – and I’m ever so thankful at times like this that they’re small spaces.  Earlier in the morning, the sun showed its face for a little while, so after I reached my spring cleaning goal for the day, I decided to get out in the yard before the rains return.  And again ever so thankful for a small space.

The tulips are finished, so they got clipped back just leaving some leaves to feed the bulbs for next year.  The  lilacs are finished as well, but sadly we didn’t get to enjoy them at all as the blossoms only sh0wed on the side facing the neighbor.  But the clematis is in full bloom:


And this little daisy, an Easter gift that we’ve been acclimatizing – and haven’t managed to kill yet – found its home in the ground:

020.Easter gift

In the meantime, in my sewing space – working on quilting this one:

55.Joel's QIP It’s going to be a while as it’s heavy and I can only do a few blocks at a stretch before my back screams at me.  No other sewing for me for few days.


  1. That is so true about the gloves. I don't spend much time in either ones these days. Do put on the gardening gloves to trim where I don't have to bend over. I always say I never say a nurse without a bad back. One of the occupational hazards of nursing.

  2. hello peg! just wanted to come over and say thanks for leaving your comment on my magpie today...i just love seeing new people! what a beautiful blog you have-i love the wedding bands right up front, as well as your confession of Christianity. those two items say the world about you, and what a beautiful voice it is :)