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Monday, May 24, 2010

Victoria Day

It’s Victoria Day here in Canada – the day we honor our queen, on the date of Queen Victoria’s birthday. 

Queen Victoria ruled from 1837 to 1901 (63 years, 7 months, the longest of any British monarch), had 9 children and is the ancestor of our current sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II.

Smiling elderly lady with grey hair wearing a matching hat and dress

Queen Elizabeth has ruled since 1952 (58 years, so she’s rapidly catching up to her ancestress), is now 84 years of age and apparently still going strong.

For many people, though, there’s not much celebration of sovereigns but rather this is traditionally the first camping weekend of the season, and the highways were bumper-to-bumper already on Thursday!  And shopping on Thursday – well, we should have picked a different day, because all of the folks who weren’t leaving for their weekend until Friday, were out getting their supplies on Thursday. 

We just tend to stay home, and do our camping when things aren’t so busy out there.  After all we can go anytime we want, no school, no jobs to dictate our time – what a wonderful time of our life!

For others, especially in the colder climates, this is the weekend that vegetable gardens are planted.  In years past we had a huge garden – all the fresh vegetables to eat during the summer, share with friends and neighbors, and can and freeze to be kept for the winter.  Those times are past, now that the children aren’t home any longer, and we’ve moved into a house with a very small yard.  Now, actually, we benefit from some of our neighbors who have small vegetable gardens in their back yards, or go to the community garden to grow their veggies – and come knocking on our door when they have too many beans and cucumbers and squash.

Our yard now is mostly patio stones, with a couple of flower beds and some grapevines (that haven’t produced yet).  The rose buds I showed you all the other day, opened up enough to be ready to clip, and so they came indoors, and I have a lovely rose bowl on my dining room table.

30.Rose bowl

And our Victoria Day will be spent in the garden, planting flowers that a friend kindly sent our way yesterday.


They’re still in the back of the van – some of them are phlox, not sure what the rest are, but I’m assured they’ll do well in our garden.

The sun is shining this morning, so it will be nice to get outdoors and enjoy some of it – maybe we’ll find some time to do some geocaching later!

Happy Victoria Day to all of you.          Peg

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