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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bottle blankets

Trailer vacations – one of the best ways to go in our minds.  And sitting around the campfire, a glass of wine or a cocktail just finishes the day off right.  But traveling with those glass bottles – now that’s nerve wracking.  We’ve tried many different ways to protect that glass, and just about everything we’ve ever tried is bulky and inconvenient and time-consuming getting them wrapped up safely.

With our vacation next week coming up, I’d spent some time trying to figure out what I could do to make this work.  I think I’ve got the solution – bottle jackets.

We stopped at the local fabric store and bought a length of stretchy ribbing, which I cut into about 12” lengths, used a twin stretch needle and sewed double lines to divide each length into three narrow strips, then cut between the lines of stitching.  Folded in half, these lovely stretchy blankets will cozy around our wine bottles, just nicely so they won’t be clinking together as we travel down the road:

005 006

Happy camping, everyone



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