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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Deception Pass – Coupeville – Keystone Ferry

We set out from Lynden Washington not too early in the morning.  We had a ferry reservation at Keystone to Port Townsend for 4:30 pm.  The plan: stop at Camping World to pick up a few trailering necessities, leisurely make our way west with stops whenever we saw anything interesting, and arrive at the dock at 3:30 – well within the parameters described to us when we made our reservations.

Camping World yielded up the goodies, very willingly and we were on the westward road by 11:30.

First stop the lookout at the Whidby Island bridge, that overlooks Deception Pass.

06 09 01.Deception Pass

This brought back memories of years gone by when we camped here with our children, specifically our DS1 wandering away and causing great panic when we couldn’t find him.  He simply wandered on back after a couple of hours, wondering why we were in such a state because after all ‘I knew where I was, we just followed the deer.’  He’d found a new friend and, bold little boys that they were, thought it would be fun to see where the deer went.  We should have known then that he’d be a good outdoorsman with a great sense of direction – and a love for hunting deer.

Back to our trip: we could only admire the lone kayaker down in those cold waters.


Shortly after this stop, we found ourselves in the charming little seaside town of Coupeville.

Old-style architecture lured us to explore.32  19 24  30 31

And at this sign, we found delicious cinnamon buns, and a coffee to warm us up:


There was a Dutch flavor to this little community:27 and on a warmer day we might have chosen to have ‘isekreme’ instead.

They even had a little village just for the birds:

33.Bird village

From here we headed to the ferry dock, arriving as planned in plenty of time for our reservations – only to discover that high winds and waves had disrupted the schedule, and we were delayed 2 hours.  When the ferry was finally able to make its way into the dock, we could see why it struggled against the windy sea:

45.Ferry It wasn’t very big, and we’d been told that a more powerful replacement was on its way – in a week!  Our 30-minute crossing took about 60 minutes, but finally we were in Port Townsend, settled in our sites right beside the ocean.  As the winds rocked us to sleep, literally, we weren’t so sure this had been the best plan.

More to come!               Peg

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  1. Great shots - again. We love Port Townsend and often take out of town visitors there - so much to see.