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Friday, June 4, 2010

New, but not so new

I reached into a closet today to get something, and my eye fell on a print that I’d put there just a few weeks ago, moving it from a previous storage space.  It was sitting behind a frame that had been in this particular closet for years. 
The story of the print:

This is the Yellow Barn, a local produce market, painted by Marion Rose Keay in 1996.  Ms Keay is a local artist who painted a number of folk-art style paintings of local areas, businesses and tourist attractions.  Folk-art is our favorite style of art, and we had previously purchased a framed print of The Apple Farm (1995), and unframed prints of Greendale (2000) and the MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) Relief Sale and Auction (1995).  The unframed prints were fairly quickly framed and hung on the wall.
About 4 years ago, we decided we’d like to try to get a print of the Yellow Barn, and I did an internet search to see where we might be able to purchase one.  Much to our surprise, Ms Keay had changed her painting style – to impressionist.  But her web-site included an invitation to visit her at her studio – so off we went.
We got a warm welcome into her home and studio, and a tour of her work-space, with some previews of works in progress.  As for her folk-art, she had just a few prints of the Yellow Barn and the Apple Farm left.   She also had some photos of other folk-art, which included Bridal Falls and Kilby Farm, both of which are close to where we now live – and she gave us a photo of each!!
I have plans for the photos – one has been transferred to a cross-stitch design that I pick away at when not doing anything else.  The other I hope to transform into a quilt some day.  As for the Yellow Barn print – well, it got tucked away for when we’d take it off to a framer.  The plan was to frame it similarly to the Apple Farm, as they’re the same size print.
But today, when I saw the print sitting behind the frame, it looked like they might fit together.  Why hadn’t I thought of that before this?  I pulled them both out, and sure enough, they work.  There’s not room for a matte around the print, but that’s okay, at least it can be displayed.  Our next trip into town, we’ll stop off at a framer and purchase a piece of glass.
This is what it looks like on the wall today:51.Close up 050.New arrangement
Here’s a close-up of the Apple Farm (the big picture in the center):52.Apple farm
And the two little paintings standing underneath the Apple Farm, are the ones we picked up in Dominican Republic last fall – they need to be put on stretcher frames and then we’ll be able to hang them up.  This time we won’t put them away so they won’t be forgotten.
53.DR art
So - new to the wall, not so new to us.               Peg

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  1. They are so lovely. I imagine you are very happy to have it on the wall rather than in a cupboard!