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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Port Townsend

This lovely seaside town, founded in 1851 is full of historic charm and marine heritage.
We settled into our seaside campsites at about 8:30 pm on Sunday evening.  No time to take pictures, because we were hungry!!  A restaurant right in the campground/marina, just steps away from our sites was the answer to that problem.
Monday morning we got a good look around.  This is the view from our trailer window:
Across the inlet, we could see Point Wilson Lighthouse:07
From where we were the trees on that spit of land looked like palm trees
06.View of Point Wilson And we could pretend that we were in the Caribbean enjoying the balmy breezes.  In reality the weather was cool and overcast.
We spent time first in downtown Port Townsend, appreciating the historical flavor:
24 And peeking into the many galleries and tourist shops.
We did a driving tour of the Olympic Peninsula south of Port Townsend and came across ‘Egg and I Road’.  We didn’t see the road sign until it was too late to turn, but I recognized the name right away.  Attempts to get back to that road from another direction proved futile, but I found this information on the web:
On February 3, 1981, Jefferson County Board of Commissioners Resolution 14-81 officially establishes the name "Egg and I Road" for the portion of roadway that passes the farm site once owned by former Center resident Betty MacDonald (1908-1958), author of the 1945 best-selling book The Egg And I.  Resolution 14-81 makes official the name by which the road has gradually become commonly known since public tours of the farm were first offered in the fall of 1946.

We will definitely have to plan another trip to the area, but the farm buildings of the 1930s apparently no longer exist.  I'm just always intrigued to 'see' for myself.  This is a delightful book, that eventually became a movie, and from which the characters Ma and Pa Kettle were developed.
More about Pt Townsend next post.          Peg

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  1. It looks and sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Beautiful scenery! Amazing sights.