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Saturday, July 31, 2010

More great giveaways

Stash Manicure is a blog all about - you guessed it - manicuring your stash to, hopefully keep it under control.  Well, I think I've discovered how Rae Ann keeps her stash under control - she gives some of it away - so head on over to enter the contest.  You may not need more stash - but then who can resist fabric!!!

And Cozy Quilter has the cutest little pumpkin wall-hanging to give away to celebrate almost 30,000 visits to her blog!

Friday, July 30, 2010


A few days ago, Karen over at Sew Many Ways shared a recipe that looked so yummy, I just had to make it.  So this morning, I got up before the heat (not before the sun – that’s just waaayyy too early!) - to put a panful of cupcakes in the oven.  There were in the oven before I thought to take a picture:
Karen’s recipe suggested using a Devil’s Food cake mix, but I didn’t have one on hand, so I pulled out an old favorite that I haven’t made in a long, long time.  It’s called Wacky Cake, and as I mixed it, I was flooded with memories  of Maisie.
Maisie and Frank lived next to us in a duplex when we were newly-weds.  In those days, I was young enough to think that this couple was ancient – now here I am, their age.  Maisie was always friendly, helpful, generous, ready to try to help make the life of a new bride easier, and I treasure the small bits of advice and the recipes that she shared with me.  One of my most vivid memories, is of coming out of the house one morning and meeting Maisie, who announced, ‘We heard you laughing and giggling last night,’ with a knowing gleam in her eye.  I was still young enough then to want to crawl away into a hole and hide at the thought that our private life could be so easily overheard!!  Now,  it just makes me giggle all over again.  I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of Maisie to share with you.
Anyway – the recipe – this cake is called Wacky for a reason – no eggs or milk, but instead vinegar and warm water:
1 1/2 Cups flour                 1 Cup sugar                 1 tsp baking powder   1 tsp baking soday            1/2 tsp salt                 4 Tbsp cocoa               Sift this all together
Add:  1 tsp vanilla             1 Tbsp vinegar            5 Tbsp oil                      1 Cup warm water
Mix and pour into cake pan or cupcake papers, and bake at 350 (30 minutes for a cake, 20-25 minutes for cupcakes).
Here’s the result:
I thought this would be a perfect addition to the goodies for our family weekend, where I’m sure we’ll be sharing memories and making new ones.

Just a quick update re quilting – went to the LQS for the new monthly class ‘Tool of the Month’.  This class is a tutorial on the techniques and tools used to create a specific quilt.  Last night it was Bali Breezes by Marty and Me, using a large triangle ruler with the corners cut to define the 1/4 inch seam allowance  (sorry didn’t think to take my camera as I rushed out the door, and supplies hadn’t arrived so I had to put in my order).  We did get the pattern just for attending the class:004
While there, I picked up background fabric for these little charms that I had cut out:
They will eventually become a table runner, from this pattern from Moda Bake Shop.
So we’re leaving today, will try to catch up with you all if there’s time, but it will be a whirlwind week!
Happy summer, happy memories.
Blessings, Peg

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy birthday, dear friend

My dear friend is celebrating a birthday in just a few days.  Because we’ll both be away, we took the opportunity this morning to quietly celebrate together with a walk through our local show garden.

Standing in front of the ‘wall of water’ it was hard to believe that the highway was just feet away.


M is a truly delightful person, loving and giving of all of her resources including one of the biggest hearts in the world.  She gives of her time freely to her family, friends, neighbors and church family, and graciously and happily embraces everybody she knows into her fold.  I am more than blessed to have this lovely person in my life.

Midst walking and talking and enjoying the glorious pleasures of the lilies, roses, hydrangea, daisies, begonias, and countless other flowers in this little piece of heaven on earth, we took a close-up look at this ‘Harry Potter-ish’ corner of the garden:

88 Small animals and gnomes and little houses enhance the fairy-tale feeling of this pond and its surroundings.   It was fun to feel a little like a kid again for a few moments.

Happy birthday, M, wishing you all God’s blessings on your special day.  

And wishing each and everyone of you a friend, or dozens, who bless you just by being in your life.


Blessings, Peg

Finding the cool

In this hot, hot weather all we can do is search for the coolest spots we can find.  A few days ago, we drove about 10 minutes from home to a piece of property where the owner, whoever this wonderful person is, has left his wooded land in a fairly natural state, carving a walking path through the shade of the old trees so that people like us can find somewhere to cool off a little bit.  Our basset, Sadie, needs walks too, and this is perfect for her – she’s really languishing in this heat.

In this lovely spot, an artist has dressed up the trees with some ‘forest folk’ for the pleasure of the visitors:


A kind soul also made sure nobody could get lost:



As is usual in nature, there is a cycle of life and death.  In most cases fallen trees were left to contribute to the on-going cycle:



But when a fall made it difficult to navigate the path, somebody ensured that walking would continue to be easy:


I just hope that a woodworker/sculptor somewhere was able to take advantage of the chunk removed from here – maybe to make something like this sculpture, newly placed at a corner just down the street:



After our walk we headed to a nearby sidewalk cafe for a cool drink, and sat relaxing near the lake and admiring the view:



The flower pot in the front of the picture became a temporary stop for another of God’s creatures to have a refreshing snack:



One of my latest quilt projects has a touch of nature in it – progress has been made on this, but unfortunately I don’t have a new picture to share:



Wishing you all the opportunities to enjoy the glories of nature wherever you are.

Blessings, Peg

Saturday, July 24, 2010

FNSI – accomplishments

Last night was the first virtual Sew-in that I’ve ever tried.  It was kind of a neat feeling to know that some hundred-plus quilter/crafters were also working on their projects – later I’ll go to the site and see what everybody else got done, if you want to check them out, just follow the link above!

Here’s what I did:

These three blocks for Homespun Harmony got the leaves appliqued on.


Then I sat in front of the TV and worked on this:011 Nearing the end – just a little bit at the bottom missing because I ran out of that color thread, then outline everything, and it’s ready to assemble!

Sharing a hobby (or two) is so much fun – and I learn so much from everybody else out there.

Blessings, Peg

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Sew In

I’ve just found out about this – it’s not too late for you to join.  Friday Night Sew In is on!!!!  Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of my projects.

In the meantime – a couple of shots from our trip down Chuckanutt Drive along the coast in Washington State.

We went with our dear friends:


There weren’t many good photo ops on the drive, but it was lovely – perfect weather, glorious sun shining on the calm waters and through the majestic trees, wonderful company and great conversation.

We stopped at one of the sea-food restaurants along the way – you can see in the picture above that we had a wonderful window seat – enjoyed a leisurely dinner, and fabulous food.

Here’s a view of the creek at the bottom of the cliff outside the window next to us:


Happy Friday!                   Blessings, Peg

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summertime and the picking is good

But not in our back yard
082 077
In years past we had a large vegetable garden - no longer, but we are blessed to be able to enjoy the bounty of the gardens of friends.  This zucchini and the peapods came our way Saturday evening – the zucchini has already been grilled and eaten – the peapods are ready for our next salad.
At the same time we got this bag:078
…which meant shelling:079Of course a few found their way into our mouths (just like when we were kids).
But still we ended up with a lovely bowl of fresh peas080  …just right for one of my favorite salads.  Some green onion, cubes of cheese, mayo (or a favorite salad dressing), salt and pepper – and this went perfectly with our grilled chicken burgers, zucchini and tomatoes for dinner last night:
081 The recipe actually says to blanch the peas, but I like the crunchiness of the raw veggies.  Out of season, frozen peas simply thawed work just as well.

On Saturday, I headed out in the morning for the LQS Cake Therapy club – a new design, featuring a line of fabric, presented for our encouragement to try some new techniques and venture into some new fabrics.  Why Cake Therapy?  They started out using the Cake Layer pre-cuts from Moda, have expanded beyond that to include some strip-cutting/piecing techniques – but they serve ‘cake’ and coffee for us to enjoy while we watch the demo.  I came home with the fabric to border, bind, and back the Black, White and Red All Over :

Sunday we took time out to head over to our local show garden, where they were hosting a car show.  DH took pictures of some of our favorites – hope you enjoy the show as much as we did:
72  76 58 60 64 69
Happy Monday                     Blessings, Peg

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New blog and a give-away

Jodi over at Pleasant Home has started a new quilt/photography blog that is a true delight.  For all of you who like to enter draws and contests, head on over and check it all out.  The new blog is Sew Picture Perfect (linkie on my side bar as well) - it promises to be wonderful.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Charmed, I’m sure

This morning, a blogger friend posted about this club:


I took a look and was completely charmed by the concept – so I joined. 

So far, I’ve not joined a lot of clubs and swaps and theme-based blogging prompts, but this one looks manageable – post goals (quilting and personal) every two months, and post accomplishments as they come along.  I think I can do that.  They also are going to have themes every month, to help with setting those goals.

This month is:

The deadline to join and post goals is tomorrow – July 15 – so hurry on over and get in on the fun!

My quilting goals for July/August:

    • Finish Bible Mystery Quilt
    • Finish Black, White and Red All Over
    • Complete the next 2 rows of the Row-by-Row club
    • Get started on a table mat that I’ve been looking at for a while – fabrics all lined up and waiting for me to pay attention to them
    • Make progress on Harmony

My Self-care goals for July/August:

  • Get a tan – want to be able to have some color when we go to Hawaii in January
  • Relax and enjoy as many good times with friends and family as possible
  • Get some touch-up painting done around the house, so I quit looking at those spots and thinking ‘must really get to that someday’

Now to try and figure out how to add these links to my side-bar!!


Blessings, Peg

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It’s a Soccer Life

While World Cup soccer has been playing, our schedules have often revolved around the games, particularly when Germany was playing.  Today is the final, and sadly Germany isn’t in this one – but they did get the bronze medal yesterday!!
In the middle of this our DS2 is coaching a team of Under 13s, who have made it to the Provincial Cup championship tournament.  We watched games 1 and 3 – they won games 1 and 2 – and this third game loss put them into the final for 3rd place, being played today.  We have to decide whether to stay home to watch the Live World Cup final, or go and watch our son coach his team to another win.
Here’s a pic of the team with their coaches (DS2 is the coach with the khaki shorts, second from the right):
I’m not sure what I did wrong, but somehow I can’t get a video into here, so if you want to see what happens when I’m video-taping and the kids score a goal, follow this link to another of my blogs:
On our way home yesterday, we saw another sport happening that intrigues us, and stopped to take pictures.  Not sure if I’d ever be brave enough to do this, but it sure is beautiful watching these folks floating around in the blue skies:
The weather is a little cooler today, with some clouds, much nicer for sitting around on a soccer field while we watch the boys try to earn their bronze medal.  And, of course, there will be the Netherlands v Spain game – should be an exciting one.
Happy soccer (or whatever sport is your favorite).

Blessings, Peg

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A New Friend and a Giveaway

Everytime I follow somebody new I feel like I've made a new friend.  Today, one of my newest friends posted about another friend's giveaway.  To enter the giveaway - become a friend/follower.  So I've done that.

Great giveaway - one for US and one international - the link to the international giveaway is on my side bar.  So friends - here's your chance - just go to Ramblings of a Fabric and Yarn Obsessor.   Good luck and happy following!                   Blessings, Peg

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quilting in the works

At last – some quilting progress to share

DSCN0691 These four blocks are part of row # 4 in the Row by Row  Club at our LQS.  These are not traditional log cabins, but rather each ‘log’ is folded to create a bit of 3-dimension.  This month (I’m a month behind) apparently are cabin blocks to go with these.

In preparation for the cabin blocks, this piece of 10x20 fabric is being pre-quilted with rows of stitching 1/8 inch apart – good thing there’s no rush on that! DSCN0692

DSCN0693 I put out an appeal for lettering for this quilt.  It’s a Bible Mystery quilt pattern that I’ve had for years – finally got around to working on it.  The letters for the word REJOICE at the top came from JoAnn at MQ Resource forum.  Now all I need to do is applique – what do you think – satin stitch or blanket stitch?  Then put that top row together, and it’s ready to quilt!

This is one of 12 blocks that will become a table topper.  The blocks are 16x16.  Not sure if I want to sash or not – and then borders.  I’m thinking a small red, then tone-on-tone black.  Opinions on sashing – and what color? DSCN0694

Now to get back to those rows of stitching – what I’ve done so far has already taken an hour!!!

Happy quilting!                Peg

Monday, July 5, 2010

Posies for you

We took advantage of nice weather and headed out once again to our local show garden.  The main purpose of our visit today was to  see how the roses are looking.  It just happens to be Mosaic Monday so I thought I’d share my pictures in a mosaic.  Enjoy!


While we were there we noticed that the Canadian flag is fully unfurled, and probably will be for weeks to come:


I’ve been back to quilting the last couple of days – will have some pics to share soon.

Happy July – looks like we have a day or two of summer to enjoy – hope you have too!



You Can Quilt That Out

I thought the long-arm quilters out there would get a kick out of this:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

By the Sea

By the sea, by the beautiful sea

To my way of thinking there is nothing more captivatingly majestic than the seaside.  Here’s just a few pics of the views as we enjoyed our recent visit to the Oregon Coast.

Haystack rock at Cannon Beach:



A panoramic view from Ecola State Park

57-59.Stitched  (Isn’t it marvellous what cameras can do!!  This is 3 pictures ‘stitched’ together)


Kites at Seaside:



These floats decorated a fence at Seaside, more proof that we were at the ocean:

19.A fisherman's house


A surfer at Pacific City:



Waves and beach:



Marina at Newport:

07.Newport bayfront 


The bridges across the inlets are marvels of engineering:



And proof that we were actually there: