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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quilting in the works

At last – some quilting progress to share

DSCN0691 These four blocks are part of row # 4 in the Row by Row  Club at our LQS.  These are not traditional log cabins, but rather each ‘log’ is folded to create a bit of 3-dimension.  This month (I’m a month behind) apparently are cabin blocks to go with these.

In preparation for the cabin blocks, this piece of 10x20 fabric is being pre-quilted with rows of stitching 1/8 inch apart – good thing there’s no rush on that! DSCN0692

DSCN0693 I put out an appeal for lettering for this quilt.  It’s a Bible Mystery quilt pattern that I’ve had for years – finally got around to working on it.  The letters for the word REJOICE at the top came from JoAnn at MQ Resource forum.  Now all I need to do is applique – what do you think – satin stitch or blanket stitch?  Then put that top row together, and it’s ready to quilt!

This is one of 12 blocks that will become a table topper.  The blocks are 16x16.  Not sure if I want to sash or not – and then borders.  I’m thinking a small red, then tone-on-tone black.  Opinions on sashing – and what color? DSCN0694

Now to get back to those rows of stitching – what I’ve done so far has already taken an hour!!!

Happy quilting!                Peg


  1. love your art work...
    it takes time and dedication!

  2. I wouldn't sash the B & W blocks as you could lose the effect of the red strips.
    I love the Rejoice quilt and I would satin stitch the letters on. Blanket Stitch would look a bit too Primitive/Country for the design. Use a thread that just about matches the letters.
    Best of luck withthat close quilting. That would drive me mad.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. I agree with Gina on the sashing. Also, it's difficult to match the seams between 2 blocks when there is a sashing between them. Of course, this could only be an issue that I have to deal with! lol

    LOVE the Bible Mystery! It's gorgeous!

  4. Love your creations! The B&W will look stunning!

    1/8" quilting!! That will take a while... 8-)

    Happy stitchings!