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Monday, July 19, 2010

Summertime and the picking is good

But not in our back yard
082 077
In years past we had a large vegetable garden - no longer, but we are blessed to be able to enjoy the bounty of the gardens of friends.  This zucchini and the peapods came our way Saturday evening – the zucchini has already been grilled and eaten – the peapods are ready for our next salad.
At the same time we got this bag:078
…which meant shelling:079Of course a few found their way into our mouths (just like when we were kids).
But still we ended up with a lovely bowl of fresh peas080  …just right for one of my favorite salads.  Some green onion, cubes of cheese, mayo (or a favorite salad dressing), salt and pepper – and this went perfectly with our grilled chicken burgers, zucchini and tomatoes for dinner last night:
081 The recipe actually says to blanch the peas, but I like the crunchiness of the raw veggies.  Out of season, frozen peas simply thawed work just as well.

On Saturday, I headed out in the morning for the LQS Cake Therapy club – a new design, featuring a line of fabric, presented for our encouragement to try some new techniques and venture into some new fabrics.  Why Cake Therapy?  They started out using the Cake Layer pre-cuts from Moda, have expanded beyond that to include some strip-cutting/piecing techniques – but they serve ‘cake’ and coffee for us to enjoy while we watch the demo.  I came home with the fabric to border, bind, and back the Black, White and Red All Over :

Sunday we took time out to head over to our local show garden, where they were hosting a car show.  DH took pictures of some of our favorites – hope you enjoy the show as much as we did:
72  76 58 60 64 69
Happy Monday                     Blessings, Peg


  1. I have literally just sat down after preparing, blanching and freezing the veg, some from the garden and some from the veg and fruit box I have delivered so reading you post was quite fun...I love fresh peas especially. We havent grown them before this year and will definitely plant more next year!

  2. Fabuous old cars. I particularly like the blue pick up. The garden looks so beautiful.