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Friday, August 27, 2010

Draw Date – and here’s the winner

Well, it’s Draw Date for my little give-away. Two weeks ago, I posed the question ‘What is a Meme?’ here, promising a few goodies to one person who helped me with my quest for knowledge.  Several people answered and I think I now understand.
A Meme, according to the Wikipedia dictionary is:
a unit of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena.
Well, that stopped me in my tracks.  For some reason I couldn’t equate this with the use of the word that I’d seen in blogs.  Other searches through the internet didn’t net me any more definitions that clicked in my brain.  So I decided to ask my friends out in blogger-land.
They were so helpful!  Here’s what I learned:
  • A meme is about ‘me’ – questions/surveys posed to allow bloggers to share something about themselves with other bloggers.  I’ve actually participated in one or two, not knowing (then) that this was a meme.
  • A meme is a kind of ‘pay-it-forward’ activity, almost like an award, an opportunity to share something with other bloggers –like a sew-along or tips/ideas that are shared
  • A meme is an idea that spreads quickly over the internet – now that made the most sense, simple, straight-forward, easy to grasp (for my simple little brain)!!
So I thank those that answered, even those that just said they’d never heard the word before, made me feel a little less like a dolt  LOL.
So, this morning, I drew a name – and the winner is
So, I’ve sent Lee a message already, asking for her address, so I can send these:
A Quilter’s Bible (I was looking for a Quilter’s Dictionary, but couldn’t find one locally – and internet orders, well, cost more for shipping than the book, and not sure when it would arrive).  Lee is an experienced quilter, but maybe there’s something in here to help her in her learning quest – or maybe she wants to share it with a new-to-quilting friend.
A package of fat quarters (I found these Balis on one of my recent shopping trips)056
I promised a new pattern – well I actually have two – these are Marty Mitchell designs, that feature use of some of her templates, that make cutting/piecing easier and quicker.
So Lee – I hope you enjoy these few goodies – they’ll go in the mail as soon as I hear from you where to send them.
Thank you again to those that responded to the question of the day.
Happy learning, everyone!             Blessings, Peg

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mail Call

I finally stopped at the mailbox on the way home yesterday, to find a parcel notice there.  This wasn’t unexpected, but still exciting, because I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting.
A few weeks ago, I entered a giveaway draw hosted by Jill.  She started with celebrating her 1000th post, with giveaways for US and International followers, and followed with a series of mini giveaways celebrating all kinds of events and milestones for several days.  I entered a few of them – not sure for which one my name was drawn, but my winnings arrived yesterday:
This bag and book were in the package – as you can see Tobin likes fabric almost as much as I do!
The bag opens up completely – fun fabrics!
And the ends can be closed with drawstring ties.  This will come in handy for sure, if I can get it away from Tobin.
Here’s a close-up of the book – A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick.  This was actually one of my favorite library reads this past year, so happy to own my own copy, so I can share with friends.
Thanks, Jill, for the chance to share in your celebrations!
Blessings, Peg

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Friday Night Sew In became Saturday Sewing for me, because we were out partying on Friday night.   But progress was made.

Two quilts were sandwiched, ready for quilting – no pics, because they’re a surprise and the recipients read this blog.

Homespun Harmony got borders:

004 and is sandwiched and ready for quilting as well.

I cut pieces and laid them out for a table runner:

003 These should get sewn together today.  I used some fabric that my wonderful sister-in-law gave to me (see this post).


On another front – we picked up our trailer from the repair shop yesterday morning.  You may remember our little ‘Hiccup’ when on our Oregon Coast vacation a couple of months ago.  Well, repairs are done and the trailer looks new again – actually better than new, amazingly!

 002 001

Happy quilting!

Blessings, Peg

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bus trip

A few weeks ago, we received an invitation to join some of our friends, many of whom we’ve known since high school days, and some not seen in a long time, to join in a birthday celebration – a milestone year for some of them – and the plan was for a full day and evening of activities.

We boarded the church bus:


Our tour guide kept us informed and entertained the whole ride:

First stop – Krause Berry Farm for berry pie, and conversation (not that we stopped talking the whole day):



It was a brilliant, sunny, hot day, so the refreshment at our vineyard stop was very welcome:

11 13

 17 19 

Our ultimate destination – Nat Bailey Stadium, to watch the Vancouver Canadians play the Boise Hawks:

We each received a cap on admission:


And enjoyed a wonderful BBQ dinner:


While the players warmed up:


We were told to watch AJ Kirby as the top player on the field, but as the evening went on, we saw Michael Choice become the hero of the game, hitting a home run for himself, then a triple that brought in three runners:


The Canadians are apparently 1st in their league, and we watched them win this game as well.

Between innings, we were entertained.  By the mascot:


Sushi racers:


Charleston dancers:


And led in the singing of ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ by one of Vancouver’s foremost conductors:51

It was a great game, and I learned lots (thankful to sit beside Gil who could answer all my questions).  I know there are stats kept for baseball – here are some of mine:

Balls in the parking lot: 1                     Bats broken: 2                       Hours of fun: 3  ( that’s the game – the whole day was  great!)           Innings: 8 1/2                       Friends enjoyed: 30                                         

And last, but not least – chicken dancers: 4567


Oh, and that home run hit that sent the ball out of the park – netted each of us a coupon for an A&W burger!!

A day to remember for a long, long time to come!

I had planned on spending today working on quilts for the Friday Night Sew-in that I missed yesterday because of being out gallivanting, but I need to wait a few more hours – places to go and things to do outside the house this morning.  Hopefully I’ll get in a few hours this afternoon, and have something to share with the group tomorrow.

Happy summer!   Happy baseball!

Blessings, Peg

Monday, August 16, 2010

GO Giveaway

Wouldn't you love to own one of these?  GO here to enter for your chance to win one!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Believe

How can I not?

 This presentation expresses it so beautifully:
http://www.andiesisle.com/creation/magnificent.html    Take a look and listen to the words!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Learning, Always Learning - and Sharing (aka Giveaway)

I love to learn new things – new crafts, new quilting techniques, new how-to’s around the house, new tips for life’s relationships, new words.
Here’s a few new things I learned on our recent trip to Oregon:
1.  Lewis and Clark took 1 1/2 years to travel the 4000 miles across the country to reach the Pacific Ocean on their exploratory journey May 1804 to November 1805: 16.Lewis and Clark

2. Lighthouses often have their own unique patterns so that they could be identified by the sailors, and they’d know where they were.  Like the lighthouse at Cape Meares, that has alternating clear and red panels, eight of them, and does a full rotation once every four minutes.

3. The commander at Fort Worden (near Port Townsend, WA), in the early 1900’s, was responsible for four other military posts as well – it’s no wonder they required such a large headquarters building.
05.Fort headquarters

4. The mouth of the Columbia River, at Astoria, OR,  has some of the most treacherous waters on the coast, and special river pilots are trained to actually steer the cargo ships and cruise ships into the harbor.  We watched one boarding:14 

5. The Astoria Column was erected to commemorate the triumphs, conflicts and turning points of the frontier, but we also discovered that it was placed at the point of the first cable television satellite.
01.Astoria column

6. And Fabric Depot was opened by Tony and Marie Bosboom, after they ‘retired’ and sold Fabricland.  We didn’t have time to stop there on this trip – but really would like to get there some day – from all accounts it’s one of the best places for quilting shopping in the Pacific Northwest!

And most recently, at home here I learned what an ‘interface’ fire is.
This slide is one of several we’ve put together for the booth the local Emergency Social Services team will have at our Fall Fair in September.  We’ve been hearing the phrase ‘Interface Fire’ on the news lately, and then these slides were included in the Power Point presentation, so I Googled it.  Some of you are probably a lot more savvy (a word that somebody just recently asked me about – and I actually knew the answer)  than I am, but just in case it’s new to you:   An Interface Fire is one that is on or near the border between wild land and developed land, putting the other area at risk.

In the quilting world, I’ve been working on a Joan’s Own quilt, Homespun Harmony:
085 The appliqué is done with satin stitch.  The last sashing between the two ‘sides’ will go in today, then a few more leaves to appliqué, borders and it’s ready to quilt.  What I’ve learned during this process – much easier to do the satin stitching when the pieces are backed with some interfacing, prevents puckering. especially on larger pieces.  That is not suggested by Joan in her instructions, but a good tip I think for anybody tackling this kind of project.

But what I’d like to learn today is:  what is a meme?  This word keeps cropping up in blogs, just recently my sister used it in hers.  I’ve tried to discover its meaning, through reading it in context, through an internet dictionary search, asked a couple of people, but somehow the explanation goes over my head.  It just doesn’t make sense to me. 
So my request is – can anybody explain ‘meme’ to me so that I understand it?  To a follower who helps me get it clear in my head, there will be a give-away.  To answer, become a follower and post a comment – if you’re already a follower, just let me know.  I’ll draw on August 27.                  But what will you win?                    In light of the ‘learning’ aspect of this post – I’m looking for a quilter’s dictionary (if you’re not a quilter, I’ll find another kind of dictionary, maybe a Scrabble or Crossword dictionary to help you win at something else).  I’ll also give a quilter a new pattern and some fat quarters.  A non-quilter – I’ll make you a table topper from a new pattern that I have, just let me know what your decor colors are.  
Happy learning                        Blessings, Peg

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The fruit of kindness

This morning, I finally sat down to try to catch up with all the bloggers out there. Linda at Living for Quilting posted about the Kind-hearted blogger pledge.

It seems that some out there feel free to express negativity through blogs and blog comments, and can be hurtful, so Joannie at Emi Jay and Me decided to try to put a positive spin on some of her negative blogging experiences.

I took the pledge - badge on my side bar - I challenge all of you out there to join in trying to make this a kinder blog-world, and a happier experience for everybody.

Blessings, Peg

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Week Off?

With family reunions on both sides coming up back to back, we decided to take the week in between and just stay on the road.  Lots of miles put on the truck this past week.  We started out on July 30 from home, headed about 4 hours away to my sister’s where she hosted a reunion.  All told, only about half of the family was able to make it out this year (none of our children were able to come), but we had a good time.

Lots of sitting around and reminiscing:


Lots of stories - my dad is a wonderful story-teller and kept us entertained (he’s second from the left, sitting on the sofa):


Lots of cooking:


In the heat, with a campfire ban – we found a way to do hot dogs:048

Lots of eating:


Lots of games:

006 047

We thought Bocce would be a good game, but the little ones thought the balls needed to be washed and carried them off to the sprinkler:


My 90-year-old aunt joined us for part of the weekend:



We left from there on Monday morning, to do another 6-hour drive to spend a few days with our children in Calgary.  The usual 6 hour drive became 10, as we negotiated past an accident scene (all cleaned up by the time we got there), and through construction zones (nobody working, but still slower going).

DH was the cook of the venison burgers provided by DS1:


And we all enjoyed the bounty:



Back to my sister’s home for a night (only took us 8 hours this time), then on to a campground much closer to home – about 5 hours driving - to spend a weekend with DH’s family:


The propane fire pit came in handy again – the campfire ban here due to poor air quality.  DS2 and DIL were able to join us the first evening.

The rains came during the night and lasted all day yesterday – a relief from the heat and makes sleeping easier, but meant we sat huddled underneath our trailer canopies most of the day.

We’re headed home this morning, only about 1.5 hours drive, and we’re back to life as usual – for a few weeks at least until we head out on our next adventure.

Wishing you all happy traveling and happy reunions.

Blessings, Peg