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Friday, August 27, 2010

Draw Date – and here’s the winner

Well, it’s Draw Date for my little give-away. Two weeks ago, I posed the question ‘What is a Meme?’ here, promising a few goodies to one person who helped me with my quest for knowledge.  Several people answered and I think I now understand.
A Meme, according to the Wikipedia dictionary is:
a unit of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena.
Well, that stopped me in my tracks.  For some reason I couldn’t equate this with the use of the word that I’d seen in blogs.  Other searches through the internet didn’t net me any more definitions that clicked in my brain.  So I decided to ask my friends out in blogger-land.
They were so helpful!  Here’s what I learned:
  • A meme is about ‘me’ – questions/surveys posed to allow bloggers to share something about themselves with other bloggers.  I’ve actually participated in one or two, not knowing (then) that this was a meme.
  • A meme is a kind of ‘pay-it-forward’ activity, almost like an award, an opportunity to share something with other bloggers –like a sew-along or tips/ideas that are shared
  • A meme is an idea that spreads quickly over the internet – now that made the most sense, simple, straight-forward, easy to grasp (for my simple little brain)!!
So I thank those that answered, even those that just said they’d never heard the word before, made me feel a little less like a dolt  LOL.
So, this morning, I drew a name – and the winner is
So, I’ve sent Lee a message already, asking for her address, so I can send these:
A Quilter’s Bible (I was looking for a Quilter’s Dictionary, but couldn’t find one locally – and internet orders, well, cost more for shipping than the book, and not sure when it would arrive).  Lee is an experienced quilter, but maybe there’s something in here to help her in her learning quest – or maybe she wants to share it with a new-to-quilting friend.
A package of fat quarters (I found these Balis on one of my recent shopping trips)056
I promised a new pattern – well I actually have two – these are Marty Mitchell designs, that feature use of some of her templates, that make cutting/piecing easier and quicker.
So Lee – I hope you enjoy these few goodies – they’ll go in the mail as soon as I hear from you where to send them.
Thank you again to those that responded to the question of the day.
Happy learning, everyone!             Blessings, Peg


  1. Oh Peg you are too generous. I never think of myself as an experienced quilter, so I know the book will help me out somehow. The fabrics and patterns look wonderful. Thank you again.

  2. Now how did I miss such a lovely giveaway!
    I stay well away from meme things, they take up too much time!

  3. Where in the world have I been? I have missed several posts. I am busy making, 2 afghans for grands. 6 baskets for my kiddos, 3 jewelry boxes for grands and haven't decided on the other 5. Probably more afghans if I have time and my thumbs and hands hold out. Got a picture to send you of the Highland Games. I let it slip my mind, can't hold on to much up there. There was one in the newspaper though. blessings

  4. Thanks for stopping at my place Peg! Lovely blog here! I quilted once in my life. We were living in Louisville, Kentucky for my hubby's sabbatical studies. It was almost a year. We lived in the home of another professor who had a sabbatical in California! His wife had a huge quilt on a frame. I was told that if I felt like stitching just to relax, I should feel free. Her neighbor friend was over for coffee and showed me what I could do. Over the months I finished hand stitching her quilt. It was a fun challenge - but not enough fun for me to pick it up as a hobby, lol!

    I've sometimes done a meme when I run out of ideas to blog about!