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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

It’s a birthday day here, but no party.

It’s the day that our DS1 was born 35 years ago.  He doesn’t live near us, and in fact is at work in Ft. MacMurray right now, so we’re not able to celebrate with him.  Actually it’s been a few years since we’ve actually had the opportunity to be together on his day.  Greetings have been mailed and emailed, and we’ll celebrate when we’re together again in a few weeks.  But for now I just want to honor him on this HIS day.

My grandmother told us we were having a girl – she’d only predicted incorrectly once before, so our minds were really running along the lines of pinks and mauves.  Thank goodness we didn’t follow that completely through. 

After a few false starts, DS1 finally decided to join us early in the morning.  We were prepared – classes completed, registeration at the hospital done, bags packed, we calmly went out to the garage, where DH needed to back out the car to open the passenger door.  He threw up the garage door (no automatic opener in those days), and ran to driver’s seat as I stood to the side.  He started the car – and the garage door fell down right on my head.  Oh, my goodness!

We got to the hospital, where the nurses said we had a long ways to go – and sent DH home to wait, and get some more sleep.  But suddenly they were moving me into the delivery room, and I said ‘call my husband’.  Well he got there just in time to get the news of his son’s birth.

Our big boy – 10 lb 2 oz – grew strong and healthy.  He was an athlete and took to most sports easily.  At 6 years he tried soccer, but it didn’t seem to be his niche.  At 9 years, he got into BMX racing – now that was perfect for him and he excelled.  At 12 years, he started into track and field and quickly found his pleasure in the throwing events (discus and shotput).  He competed in BC Summer Games and Western Canada Games before he retired from that sport.  At 18, he discovered that he was lifting weights in training heavier than the power-lifting competitors were lifting, so he began to explore that area.  He set a few world records in his years in that sport.  Then he was invited to compete in a Scottish Heavy Events competition – another excellent sport for him and opened a whole new world for him and us.

06-08-26-High River games1

He retired from competition a couple of years ago due to an injury, but has remained involved in the sport by assisting with organizing, planning, judging, training others.

This son of ours is also a mechanic – he built a bike from a bare frame when he was 12 years old – a little help from his dad, but mostly he just figured it out!!  Then at 19, he built a truck – which was road worthy when he was finished.  By then he’d taken some auto mechanics at school, but a lot of what he did he read about, or or again figured it out himself.

Immediately after high school, he set out to learn welding, got a job where he was offered an apprenticeship in steel fabricating and now has both his BC and Alberta tickets.  He works in the tar sands/oil fields for a major oil company, repairing and maintaining equipment.

He’s also a hunter, enjoying the outdoors from the time he could venture out on his own.  Once we ‘lost’ him at a campsite because he and a buddy he met decided to follow a deer.  He’s still following deer – and moose, bear, elk, ducks, geese – anything that will provide meat for the table.  And he shares with the rest of us!

This son is a joy and delight for us and his brother and sister.  He’s kind, considerate, generous, wise, calm, patient, a good friend and a wonderful son and brother. 

Happy birthday, big guy!!                        Love               Mom

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