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Monday, September 27, 2010

How does a blogger live without a camera?

While on our vacation, last day, our camera quit working!!  It would turn on, but no display on the monitor or in the view finder.  It wouldn’t turn off, either – had to remove the battery, and reinsert it and then it would automatically turn off.  So, it’s in the shop.

Our answer to that dilemma – we resurrected our old camera (thankfully we kept it).   But it’s just barely functioning – won’t hold a charge, turns itself off sometimes immediately after turning on, sometimes we get a display, sometimes not.  It’s been a rough week LOL!

And then, the computer started doing funny things.  I spent a whole afternoon trying to talk to tech support, to get no help whatsoever in the end.  The suggestion was that we needed a new splitter, but when we connected directly, that still didn’t solve the problem.  Part of the discussion included the availability of a wireless router/modem, which would allow us to use both of our laptops at the same time.  So I went out and got a wireless router.  That seems to have solved the problem, so in the end I guess the modem just got tired of working.

But struggling with the lack of a camera has made life different for this blogger.  Pictures on my last post were with the old camera, as are these today– we’re limping along, and trying to decide if we should get a new battery-pack, or just look for a cheap camera so we have a back-up.  Any good suggestions?

Still no quilting happening – but the preserving continues.  Thought you might get a kick out of this – because we have a ceramic-top stove, we can’t put the canner on it.  So we’ve rigged up a propane stove (beside WIDE-open windows):


And this weekend we got some salmon in jars:


We took some time out and visited our local show garden – might be the last chance this season, and then went to a near-by Christmas shop for their preview sale (by invitation only):005

We had a great visit with the folks there, picked up a few more Christmas decorations (as if we needed them LOL), and just as we were finishing, some old friends arrived to do their shopping – so we sat after and had a great visit and catch-up, enjoying the complimentary snacks and wine.

On our way to the shop, we passed a sign that said ‘Quilts and Fudge’.  The local community center decided to do an impromptu, small craft fair and catch some of the folks driving by to the Christmas shop.  They had some great things, and we picked up a couple of gifts


And brought home some fudge:


So despite having to be innovative, we are still managing to get things done, have some relaxation time, and take pictures, too!

Happy blogging!!     Blessings, Peg


  1. sounds like a wonderful weekend. Salmon in a jar, never heard of that!! sadly i didn't get around to making my annual batcches of salsa this year, time just went by and I got to busy. we will miss it. have a great week. Our family has three Nikon cameras and love all of them!

  2. You are doing pretty well without your regular camera. I know what a pain it is to have to deal with cameras not working. I finally gave up and got a new Canon Power Shot and love it.

  3. Peg, I put my canner on my ceramic top stove all the time. Am I voiding my warranty? Your salmon looks great.

  4. Peg I also use my canner on my ceramic stovetop. Have never had a problem. In fact when we bought our stove, I asked the sales clerk about it and he said they'd never had a problem with it either. So go ahead and try it next time.
    BTW wouldn't you say it's almost time to do that daytrip to the Italian grocery?