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Thursday, September 23, 2010

More travel

After we left Barkerville, we headed back south seeking some warmer climate.  Our first stop was at Lake Sheridan, where we took a couple of days just to relax and enjoy the beauty of our countryside.

On the way, we saw a cow moose with her calf:


We stopped at this church to check out the workmanship of the stucco that the men had done some 30+ years ago:

05  It’s still in amazingly good shape.

This warning made us smile as we left the parking lot:


Beautiful Lake Sheridan:


After our R&R, we headed even further south, destination, the Okanagan Valley.  Passing through beautiful lake country:

DSCN1548 we also drove through some of the areas where forest fires had endangered lives and left the landscape devastated:

DSCN1555 We were amazed at how close to civilization these fires had come!

We stayed near Oliver, and explored all around the Okanagan and down into Border Country.  At Osoyoos, we visited the Miniature Railway (so many pictures that will have to wait for another post)

This house caught our eye at Okanagan Falls:

DSCN1629The house itself is fabulous and the view of the mountains and Okanagan Lake from here are breathtaking, but we couldn’t get onto their roof-top patios to get pics.  We did get some of the view at the vineyards near Naramata:


This old hotel at Kaleden was gutted by fire many years ago, and now is a home for the birds of the area:


The lower floor windows are all fenced off to protect any curious who might want to try to get inside, and the doorway has been sealed off with some imagination:


We also visited the N’k’mip (say Inkameep) reserve to check out their campgrounds and winery.  This band is famous for its innovative and energetic ways of maintaining their independence:


On our way to Border Country, we had to stop at the viewpoint overlooking Osoyoos and Oroville in the US (on the right):

DSCN1650This is one of my favorite views in the country!

We went to Grand Forks to visit the hotel:


And get some borscht and other Russian goodies for which they are famous – and enjoyed a beautiful sunny lunch in a nearby park:


The sight of people feeding the deer is apparently a common one in this area, and has put the wildlife  at risk as they no longer forage for themselves:


Our trip ended with a rainy day for the drive home.  Our camera quit working on the last day, and is in now for repairs (fingers crossed – and thankful that all of the pictures were on a card that I could download to the computer).

More to come.  Happy trails.   Blessings, Peg

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  1. Great photos. Thanks for sharing

    Love and hugs Gina xxx