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A Pieceful Life


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Friday, October 29, 2010

Quilt Festival

It’s Festival Time – the quilts are on display – in Blogger Land.

My entry:009. Delectable Mountains.jpg

I chose this quilt, Delectable Mountains, because it’s my favorite.  The design is also the name of a book by Earlene Fowler, one of my favorite authors – and I wanted to make this for our bedroom because it just wasn’t too frou-frou for my husband – and we live in the mountains, so it’s a reflection of the mountain that we can view from our bedroom window.  The pattern is unique, and comes with a special ruler to be able to cut those mountain strips.  As I pieced this, I was amazed to learn how quickly piecing a large quilt goes.

To see the whole gallery of the festival, follow the link on the side-bar.

Happy festival                 Blessings, Peg

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Weekend Trip

Last weekend, my parents came from Kelowna for a planned trip together to visit an aunt and uncle in Gig Harbor Washington. 

As I was preparing the guest bed, I realized that I had never taken a picture of this quilt – it’s the very first one that I made, a sampler by Jennifer Chiaverini:

001I really had no idea what I was doing back then, but I did stitch-in-the-ditch around the center, and the outer border, then tied the center the old-fashioned way, and hand-stitched criss-cross in the large border.  It’s stood up well these 7 years.  I’ll be adding this to my Quilt Pieces page


We had a lovely trip down, the sun shone, and we enjoyed the fall colors in the landscape.  At a gas stop, we found a deal on sandwiches, and had a picnic lunch at one of the lovely rest stops on the I-5002


We were warmly welcomed at M&K’s home, and had a great evening catching up and planning a possible trip together for the 6 of us next fall.

M set a lovely fall table 004 While K barbecued a trip-tip roast005We’d heard of tri-tip before, but had never had any.  It’s not available in Canada – very moist and tender when marinaded.  We discovered it’s a brisket kind of cut, so maybe we can reproduce it in some kind of way.  Or – wait until we make a trip down to the US again, and buy some – hmmm, I see a camping trip again in our future.

We toasted our gathering and friendship:007And had a wonderful relaxing evening.

As we found our way to our rooms for the night, we were greeted with a B&B-style room, complete with our own towels laid out just for us:011   M & K were most gracious hosts, and we all look forward to another visit in the not-too-distant future.

Our trip home was rainy most of the way, and when we arrived, we found that fall had indeed come to our valley in full force in just those two days – pictures to follow, when I get out with the camera again.


Just before we left home, a parcel arrived in the mail.  A couple of weeks ago, Janet asked a question on her blog and because I can never resist a challenge, I answered – and apparently got it right!  Not knowing I was entering a contest, I was surprised when Janet said a package was on its way.  Well, this is what arrived:013 Asparagus and mushrooms, because Janet knows that I’m beginning to collect vegetables and fruits.  What a treat!  Thanks so much, Janet – these will certainly be used – eventually when I get a collection.


Happy blogging.                      Blessings, Peg

Friday, October 22, 2010

Last of the Summer……

Roses – bet you thought I was going to say ‘wine’.  But our grapes aren’t enough to produce anything like even a glass of juice, let alone wine LOL.


Anyway – this appears to be the last rose on the bush (the only one that’s survived the clay we call soil around our house). 



I’m not sure if anybody noticed, but a while ago, I created some new pages on my blog.  The plan was to post pictures of various activities that I enjoy.  This morning, in response to a Facebook request by Quilter’s Connection magazine, I filled up my ‘Quilting Pieces’ page.  Take a look – I was quite surprised by all that I had to put in there.  The pages can be found at the top of the blog just underneath the header.  Eventually I’ll get around to putting pictures in the other pages.

Happy Summer Roses.   Blessings, Peg

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anniversary Day

It’s our anniversary today, and you’d think that it would be a day of rest and relaxation.  Well…here’s how it really went:
I was awake early, and decided there was time – a few hours later, these lovelies were cooling:

There was housework to do, laundry to finish up, a drive to town to get oil changed on the vehicle and check on the progress of the camera repair  (still not fixed!) – oh, and a quick stop at the quilt shop to get another piece so I could finish up row # 7 in the Row by Row club.
Back home, and there was a little bit of ironing to do – and then I decided to reward myself with some time at the sewing machine.
While dinner was being prepared:003
I made real progress on the Row by Row.  It’s a few days late for Design Wall Monday, but here’s what my wall looks like at the end of the day:008 I’ve made some changes to the original (see my last post), but it’s coming along.  The next row will be ready to pick up early November.
While getting the bread going in the morning, I decided a nice dessert would go well with what DH had planned for dinner.  What I really wanted was a Black Forest Cake, but not having all the ingredients, we had to settle for a Mock Black Forest Cake:004
Normally we go out for dinner on our anniversary, but a couple of weeks ago, DH found a deal – and because he loves to cook, we decided to stay in.  I must say that dinner was as good as any restaurant meal.  The menu:
Duck a L’orange
Roast potatoes
Green beans with mushrooms
Topped with a Honey Mead wine (purchased on our trip to Oregon a few months ago), and finished with chocolate cake – what can I say but ……….  yuuummmy
The duck was done to perfection:011

Candles set just the right mood:014 
We toasted 38 years together:017

And then had to laugh when we discovered that the brandy cherries used in the cake …………….. hadn’t been pitted!!!!
Happy celebrations .                Blessings, Peg

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seas, Sea Critters, and Sailboats

In the Row by Row project that I’ve been doing (these pictures are the prototype, not actually my work - I'll post mine when I get it sewn together), we’ve worked our way down to the ocean052.Row by Row club
And these blocks are what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks:055

Happy quilting.               Blessings, Peg

All rolled up

We’ve just returned from a visit to the prairies in Alberta (Calgary where two of our children live).  As we drove around the countryside, we saw the signs of fall in the crops that are

All Rolled Up140

Very different from the small square bales that we used to throw around when we were kids – can’t pick these up and toss them on the back of a wagon!

Interestingly, it appears that the beer companies are getting some advertising out of supplying bags for the baled hay: 



Another favorite site of mine is the grain elevators – fast becoming extinct we’re told:136

And then there are the donkeys – more commonly seen in northern Alberta, but these fellows were working hard:138

As beautiful as BC’s mountains are, there’s a glorious beauty in the prairies and the products that help to feed us and keep the economy going.  And did you notice the sky – even on the day that it snowed (yes, snow!!) we still saw some blue sky and felt the warmth of the sun for a part of the day.

Happy fall.          Blessings, Peg

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mail call

A few weeks ago, when I posted about some fabrics that I purchased, Janet proposed a swap.  My fabrics arrived yesterday:
100_0052 100_0051
Beautiful salad – perfect to go with carrots and pumpkins and whatever else I can find over the next while.
Thank you Janet, this was a perfect idea!
We’re off to Calgary this morning – will be gone for a few days.
Happy sewing, happy travel      Blessings,Peg

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Seventeen years ago, we celebrated a birthday, and an anniversary – with a trip to Vancouver Island.  Six of us, our ‘gang’ went on this trip.

Yesterday we celebrated a birthday, and shared some precious memories.  These pictures brought it all back:

1993-2 The anniversary couple (D & D) is in the middle – it was their 35th that year.  She was diagnosed with cancer shortly after this, and passed away not a year later.  We miss you, D!


The birthday boy is on the left – so much fun, such hams – oh, how much we’ve matured since then (not). 1993-1

Happy Birthday D           Happy memories

Blessings, Peg

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What have I been doing?

I just realized that it’s been better than 10 days since I last posted, and I had to wonder how have I filled the time?

First – our camera is still in the shop.  They tell us it could be a few weeks yet, and with the old camera just not very reliable, we realized that we need a back-up.  So we searched the flyers, and found this little beauty at a very good price:005 This isn’t a very good picture – it’s taken in a mirror because I had no other option at the time.  It’s a little Kodak that uses AA batteries, and the cards from the old camera.  It’s amazing how many features are available in it, and it will certainly serve as a stop-gap, and be a great take-along on vacations just in case we run into another problem.

So that’s where the rest of these pictures come from.


And what else have I been doing?  Well, it’s fall – that means fall cleaning.  The inside of the house got done, and then we needed to tackle the outside, which is almost done – just those few plants that need some more time to get a little more dormant before we prune.  The only thing left is the garage, which should get done today.

A little bit of sewing has been squeezed in between.

This apron, for a Christmas gift:100_0020


Some of the blocks for the Row by Row quilt:100_0021

The start of a series for some table-mats:

 002 This is Fool’s Puzzle or Drunkard’s Path – and I felt like a fool or a drunk doing it – glad I only have to do one, those curves are something else!

So no idle hands around here – and a busy Thanksgiving weekend just starting, followed by a trip to Calgary to visit the other kids.

Happy busyness.  Happy fall.  Happy Thanksgiving.


Blessings, Peg

Happy Thanksgiving


Well, it’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  The celebrations are on!!  For us, we begin the weekend with a 75th birthday celebration for a dear old (as in we’ve known him for a long, long time) friend.  Then Sunday we’ll be sharing dinner with our friends-in-law (son-in-laws family, who are now our friends as well as semi-related).  Sadly DD and DSIL aren’t here to celebrate with us.  Monday DH’s family will be here, and our DDIL’s family (more friends-in-law) will join us as well.  It’s a full weekend with  lots of family, lots of friends, lots of fun, lots of food.  I hope that all of you have as much family, friends, fun and food.

This is a time to remember how truly thankful we are for all the blessings that have come our way.  And how very thankful I am for:

Husband – 1

Parents – 2 (remaining)

Children – 3 – plus their spouses

Siblings – 7

Nieces and nephews, and grand-n&n – 20

Marriage – 38 years

Life – do I dare say how many years, well what the heck – 59 (almost)

Friends – well, how do you count them?

Home and neighbors and love and freedom and health and happiness and joy and

My Lord and Savior, who gives all of this to me!!


The picture above is one of the displays at our local show garden – truly speaks of fall to me.  This is my favorite season of the year.

Our trip yesterday (last of the season) through the gardens was candy to the eye – still a lot of beautiful color:



With fall beginning to show itself:100_0010

And then there’s the water features – no season to them:


Happy Fall.  Happy Thanksgiving.   Blessings, Peg