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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Weekend Trip

Last weekend, my parents came from Kelowna for a planned trip together to visit an aunt and uncle in Gig Harbor Washington. 

As I was preparing the guest bed, I realized that I had never taken a picture of this quilt – it’s the very first one that I made, a sampler by Jennifer Chiaverini:

001I really had no idea what I was doing back then, but I did stitch-in-the-ditch around the center, and the outer border, then tied the center the old-fashioned way, and hand-stitched criss-cross in the large border.  It’s stood up well these 7 years.  I’ll be adding this to my Quilt Pieces page


We had a lovely trip down, the sun shone, and we enjoyed the fall colors in the landscape.  At a gas stop, we found a deal on sandwiches, and had a picnic lunch at one of the lovely rest stops on the I-5002


We were warmly welcomed at M&K’s home, and had a great evening catching up and planning a possible trip together for the 6 of us next fall.

M set a lovely fall table 004 While K barbecued a trip-tip roast005We’d heard of tri-tip before, but had never had any.  It’s not available in Canada – very moist and tender when marinaded.  We discovered it’s a brisket kind of cut, so maybe we can reproduce it in some kind of way.  Or – wait until we make a trip down to the US again, and buy some – hmmm, I see a camping trip again in our future.

We toasted our gathering and friendship:007And had a wonderful relaxing evening.

As we found our way to our rooms for the night, we were greeted with a B&B-style room, complete with our own towels laid out just for us:011   M & K were most gracious hosts, and we all look forward to another visit in the not-too-distant future.

Our trip home was rainy most of the way, and when we arrived, we found that fall had indeed come to our valley in full force in just those two days – pictures to follow, when I get out with the camera again.


Just before we left home, a parcel arrived in the mail.  A couple of weeks ago, Janet asked a question on her blog and because I can never resist a challenge, I answered – and apparently got it right!  Not knowing I was entering a contest, I was surprised when Janet said a package was on its way.  Well, this is what arrived:013 Asparagus and mushrooms, because Janet knows that I’m beginning to collect vegetables and fruits.  What a treat!  Thanks so much, Janet – these will certainly be used – eventually when I get a collection.


Happy blogging.                      Blessings, Peg


  1. Oh how I love family stories. The food looks great too and a lovely room. I love your blog Peg. I also made some pages. Just found out how. I like them for keeping a copy of things that I want close at hand. The first quilt is beautiful. I don't think I will get back to that til after the first of the year. I am hooked on crochet (pun intended) and making baskets now. I will show them all after they are accepted as gifts.

  2. What a beautiful quilt, very impressive.