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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Finally got back into doing some sewing.  Lz, the hostess of our weekly quilt gathering (must find a name for our group), challenged us to make a bag from a pattern she’d found recently.  Some of us took her up on the challenge – and here’s mine, almost finished: 083

As you can see, Tobin thought this would be a good place to sleep: 084

While I haven’t been posting on my blog for a while again – I’ve been busy in blog-land, keeping up with everybody else.

Myra recently posted that she doesn’t find the time to read lengthy blog posts, so has challenged herself to keep her posting short and sweet, and thus quicker to write up.  First – I have to say that I’ve always enjoyed Myra’s posts, no matter how many words she writes.

I do find the thought intriguing, though – maybe if I posted more often, I could be less wordy.  But some of the blogs I’ve been enjoying lately are just the stories.

My sister is all about words, never posts a picture on this particular blog, but has some of the most fascinating stories to tell  - everything seems to be an adventure.  But she does post pictures on her knitting blog

MaryAnn is posting her memories of growing up Amish.  I spent 3 days, just reading from the beginning (another reason I’ve not been sewing or blogging myself).  Where there are few pictures among her memory posts (for good reason – there are almost none), they kept me interested none-the-less.  She does chronicle her current life with lots of pictures, though.

Angela always shares pictures, some images apparently taken from the internet, but it’s her words – and again, doesn’t matter how many – that always catch me.  Recently she challenged her readers to be ‘spice’ in others’ lives, and I’ve really taken that to heart, and been giving it a lot of thought.

Karen fills her posts with pictures, and printing them can produce many, many pages – but oh, the things I’ve learned!!!

So I’m still thinking about what Myra said – wondering if more people would be happier reading my blogs if they weren’t quite so ‘wordy’ and a bit more ‘picturesque’.


It’s my birthday today, and feeling a little nostalgic – here’s a few pics down the years (oh, so many years):

Apparently my parents’ pride and joy as the first-born:

Baby pic

I was kind of a geeky child – and even worse in my teen years, so I won’t share any of them:


Becoming a nurse was a great day:


But marriage made for a great life:


And then motherhood with all its joys (the children were all teenagers here):Mother

We’ll celebrate tomorrow with the family that live close-by, and share the celebration with my sis-in-law for her birthday this month as well.  

I am so thankful for all that God has given me – wonderful parents (and parents-in-law while they were still with us), a good career, a fabulous husband, three fantastic kids (plus a couple of terrific kids-in-law), super siblings including the in-laws on both sides, and marvelous friends, a cozy home and a great place to live.

I hope this is enough pictures for those that don’t like slogging through all the words.          And enough words to keep everybody in the loop.

Happy blogging.               Blessings, Peg


  1. Happy birthday!
    I like reading words! Though I do tend tro keep comments short.

  2. Once again - Happy Birthday! I love your nursing grad photo.

  3. Happy Birthday Peg...have a great time celbrating with your family and friends. I enjoyed the photo's of you through the years!

  4. Happy Happy birthday!!! I love your blogs just the way they are - some people love the wordy blogs and some love the photo-y blogs ( believe it or not, I made that word up LOL)

    Some people are just better at longer blogs - and I sometimes am a little sorry if a blog is too short - or just has only photos - I want to know all about things.

    Love your photos through the years - just wonderful!!!!