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Friday, November 12, 2010


We had a great day yesterday – a day of celebrating, but not all ‘happy’ celebrations

The early morning was quiet, then off to the cenotaph to Remember.

It’s a somber occasion of course, and I always feel a sense of pride in the patriotism of our armed forces – then and now.  I personally have not lost any loved ones in any wars, but am grateful for the sacrifices that were made, and feel for those who have experienced that kind of loss.

But a feeling of sadness came my way as I heard things like:

- a local school disallowed poppies as they ‘glorify’ war

- a comment was made indicating that wars fought haven’t resulted in true ‘freedom’, as in safe streets and no bias – but the commenter was certainly ‘free’ to make that comment

- the worst, though, was learning that, until recent years, those Canadians who fought in Korea were not acknowledged as war veterans (with whatever supports and benefits should have been afforded them)

So I’m just here to state that I don’t like war anymore than anybody else – but I certainly appreciate the benefits and joys of living in a country where I can freely believe as I wish, celebrate those beliefs with others, and express my beliefs and opinions without fear of recrimination from the authorities – and I will continue to honor and remember those men (and now women) who sacrificed themselves, and even gave their very lives to preserve those freedoms.


Now that’s enough ranting – on to happier things.

Family gathered to celebrate a couple of birthdays yesterday


094 The birthday girls are the two at the far end of the table.

We laughed and ate and shared memories and made plans.  Then decided we needed a ‘nice’ picture of Mr Soccer and Ms Student

It took all of these:

 096 097 098 099 

Before we were finally happy:



100 Aren’t they a lovely couple!


Today would actually be my father-in-law’s birthday celebration as well, were he still here with us.  But his memory is still alive in all of us, and we shared some of those memories again yesterday.  Other family and friends also celebrate November as their birth-month, live too far away to be able to join us, but I wish them all a wonderful celebration wherever they are.


Happy celebrations.           Blessings, Peg


  1. I agree with you about the lack of thankfulness and respect some people have regarding our heroes of war. I have family in Holland and they are SO grateful for all Canada has done for them. We are their Heroes. My Grampa was in the war as a young boy in Holland and he tells of how wonderful it was when Canada came to help.
    Nice Family celebration you had, I see that you get the same kind of picture co-operation as I do ☺
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Love your family stories. The couple is indeed cute. We have two family birthdays in our family. Our oldest son born on Nov. 26 1961 the day before I celebrated my 24th. I can hardly believe he will be 49. He is just an adult kid, collecting old toys and making Halloween haunted houses. LOL

  3. I find it hard to believe the comment about poppies glorifying war...how incredibly small minded of those people.