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Saturday, November 20, 2010

It’s been a sewing week

This has been a great week for sewing – got three more blocks done for my samplers:

005 009 014

These triangles were all done using different methods – will share that soon!

Early in the week, I went on a hunt for a pattern that I just knew I had – but never did find.  What I did find was a whole bunch of stuff that’s been sitting around for ages waiting for me to pay some attention to it.  In among all that was these two beauties:

012  I don’t know why I made these, but I had fallen in love with the series of patterns.  They really challenged my crochet skills.  When I found them, they needed a little TLC, so after getting them fixed up, and braiding the very fly-away hair – they’ll go to the local thrift shop – hopefully some little girl will be looking for a Barbie-type doll and these just might fit the bill.  I don’t know that the costumes will be useful, but at least they’re dressed  LOL!

Then yesterday, my dear friend Bev came for a sewing day together.  She had seen this in a store in Fairview, WA recently and wanted to make it for her granddaughter:DSC03767 No pattern!!!  Now that was a challenge, but using measurements she had, and a pajama top she’d bought, we drew out the top and started sewing.   She had chosen the cutest fabrics:

017 I serged, we shared the sewing and ironing tasks, 



And gradually this little beauty came together:019 


021 As the day wore on, we found some trying moments with the serger and sewing machine, and knew that we should probably be stopping, but we were so close to the finish, and finding a day together again would probably be a while so we forged on through.  I can’t wait to see that little girl’s face when she gets her ‘cape’ so she can help Grandma bake.

Bev brought me some fabric, too!!

This charm pack, and a half-meter of lovely retro fabric:022 Look at the lovely colors in this charm pack – I see another project in the near future:


It was a wonderful, blessed day.

Happy sewing with friends.          Blessings, Peg


  1. Love...love the apron for the little girl! What a treat to get all decked out to bake with grandma....maybe Grandma needs a matching apron! ...and such fun to spend a day like this with a friend!

  2. What a gorgeous present for a little girl...or even a big girl!

  3. Your blocks are great Peg, and I love those outfits you made for those dolls!!! Very stylish...at some point! 8-)
    Lovely apron for a little girl, and what a great day spent with a friend...
    Lovely fabrics too...

  4. Peg you described our day so well. It was fun doing this with you and thank you for taking the time to help me. I know my G-princess will want to wear this everywhere!

    I can't believe you crocheted those tiny costumes. They are amazing - You are one talented gal!