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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday’s Words

I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers do a weekly post on a specific theme, Wednesday's often being ‘Wordless’ or ‘One-Word’.  This is the beginning of a new venture – Wednesday’s Words – where I will share with you some tidbits through words.

They won’t be jumbled like this (I hope) – but just some thoughts on …. life…..quilting…. faith.  They may be serious, they may be funny, they may be tips that you can use, maybe even a tutorial once in a while.  To start off, here’s a poem that I found a few years ago, don’t know the author, so hope I’m not treading into copyright waters.  Lately on various blogs there’s been a lot of discussion about finishing projects – here’s another take:
Whilst pinning quilts, my friend and I, one dreary winter day,
Talked quilting blocks and patterns to while the hours away.
We talked about the one we’d made, and ones we’d like to do.
I could feel excitement building, I could start on something new.
Then without a hesitation my friend said ‘Don’t you see
To start a new creation is the hardest thing for me.”
She said, “I read somewhere, or heard it from some expert someone knew,
That when you finish a UFO you then can start anew.
“So that is what I plan to do,| she said, “I’ve lots of UFO’s
And if I take note of anyone, it’s the expert. She should know!”
She said, ‘I don’t believe the ladies who come and say to me,
I don’t have any UFO’s, I finish all you see.”
I pinned and thought and pinned some more, and felt a touch of guilt.
It wouldn’t take a long time now, and I’d have another quilt.
“Well!” I said, “To tell the truth, there’s something you should know,
That when these two are finished, I will have no UFO’s”

My friend said, |You’ve got lots of blocks, some I know you’ve won’
Block exchanges you’ve been in, I’m sure they’re not done.
There’s also blocks you’ve made in class, round robins – that I know,
You’ve piles and piles of quilt blocks, they’re UFO’s you know.”
“No!” I said, “you’ve got it wrong, no UFO’s for me;
What I’ve got are quilt in progress, QUIPs they’re called, you see
‘QUIPs’ are blocks I’ve won, or made from a class I took,
Some were given just to me; some are patterns from a book.”

So blocks and things don’t count you know, they have to wait their turn.
For QUIPs are quilts in progress and one day they will learn
That to become a UFO, first you have to be a quilt,
With just the innards missing, something that’s been built.
And when it’s all together – when it’s finished, end to end,
It’s ready then what e’er it’s called, for pinning with a friend.

Happy Quips                      Blessings, Peg


  1. Wow! You wrote that? It's awesome.

  2. I dont have UFOs anymore
    I have PhD's - projects Half Done!!
    blessings x
    thanks for your comment on my blog

  3. LOL!
    I have fewer UFO's than I thought! Who knew!?! 8-)