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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday’s Words ...... and a Winning!

This was going to be a quick post this morning before I got on with my day.  But fate or something equally as puzzling intervened.
When I plugged in my camera card to import pictures for this post, the card reader didn’t respond.  Nothing, nada, no pop-ups, no auto-play.  I checked ‘My Computer’ – the SD card reader drive wasn’t there!!
Yesterday, I had discovered that I hadn’t returned the card to the camera before I took some pictures, so had to upload a few pictures directly from the camera memory.  No problem…plug the camera in, transfer, done!!  But when the card reader didn’t respond this morning, I thought that I’d somehow changed the configuration of the drives on the computer and started the search to see what I needed to do to fix it.  An hour and a half later, after restarting the computer, and just as I had decided to try my external card-reader, Grizz wandered into the room and I told him the problem I was having.  Now, you must understand that Grizz is one of the least knowledgeable computer tech-no people in this world.  So, he listens to my story and says:
‘Do you know that there’s a lock button on the side of the card?’
‘What lock button?’ I reply
‘Well, right here.  All of the cards have it, see even the cards from our old camera.’
Well, lo and behold – somehow, inadvertently, I’d locked the card – and the computer had no way of knowing that the card had been inserted.  Slide the little button (how do they get a button on something that’s already so tiny??  Another of life’s mysteries), plug the card in and import the pictures.  Easy-peasy ….  if you know what you’re doing!!
You all probably knew this, but just in case, here’s a picture of a camera card – do you see the little yellow  button on the left-hand side.  That’s the button that will lock the card so it can’t be read (and presumably erased). 
003Another little tid-bit that I discovered this morning – if you slide the button far enough in the right direction, the card will be ‘write-protected’, so that when it’s in the camera, pictures won’t be taken on it.  Now how do you like that!!  Such a little itty-bitty, easy-to-lose piece of plastic, and it can control your picture-taking, picture-transferring world completely.

After all of this, my words for this morning are even more significant (to me):
Before we can pray ‘Thy Kingdom come’, we must pray ‘my kingdom go’.
This is an Amish proverb that I found in a book I received just yesterday.  It gave me pause for thought then, and will continue to give me thought over and over again, I’m sure.  Before I start out to do things the way I want, should I not be asking the Lord for His plan – what does He want me to do, how does He want me to spend my time,  where does He want me to be.  If I can only set aside myself and my desires, maybe I can discover what it is that God wants for me.  And surely if I can get into that space, I can gain peace in whatever circumstances come my way.

I also want to tell you about this book.  Some weeks ago, I entered a giveaway.  After several days enjoying MaryAnn’s stories of her life growing up in an Amish community, when she offered this book, I couldn’t resist.  The Amish lifestyle and history has always intrigued me.  The book arrived yesterday (thank you so much MaryAnn):001 It came directly from the author, and is even signed by her (thanks again to MaryAnn for arranging this):002 I’ve rarely bought or received a book that’s actually signed by the author, so I feel extra privileged to have this.
This book is short stories of the Amish, that apparently demonstrate the serenity and peace within which they live – a life-style art that eludes me completely.  Each story is prefaced with an Amish proverb – I think I’ll use it for a devotional for the next while.

Wishing you all peace, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing
Blessings, Peg


  1. How lovely to win that book, I'm so pleased it was you who won!

  2. Loved that story Peg. I have been through the same episode you just described. Don't even remember who told me what was wrong. But what gives me peace once I struggle through something even as simple as this is that my mind is still connecting and reconnecting to things and people and I will get it. Yes God has a plan for us and that plan is growing old, no I didn't say the nice word, older, and knowing that we can or even if we can't do something He is still there. I so felt encourage from your post today. Gonna check into that book. Blessings

  3. Love the Proverb you shared in this post. How true those words are.

  4. Thanks for comment on my blog. I only learned about the 'lock' on my card last month - andthe following day met a friend who was struggling with her camera "Aha!" I said "I have just been shown that trick!"

    I am so glad you won the Amish book

    Advent blessings xx

  5. Well, Sis, I didn't know about lock buttons on camera cards either. But now I do! Kudos to G for figuring this out.