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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas in 4 parts

Our Christmas was spread out this year, with celebrations it seemed on-going for almost the whole month.
Early in the month was some of the group dinners that are generally hosted at this season.  And a brunch with two very close friends started the season just right!

 Then – Dec 18 Mr. Strongman and Doc K arrived from Alberta, and Christmas Day # 1 was on the 19th.  We started the morning with our 1st Christmas – our traditional brunch with mimosas

gift exchange

the lighting of the tree (yes, those are real candles)

Family for dinner
 – a great day!

Dec. 25 we started again – lighting the Christ candle:

And finishing the last little piece of the nativity.  Do you remember this picture of the 'calendar'?  

Well, now the baby Jesus is in His manger:

brunch again, and another gift exchange – this time just with Mr. Soccer and Ms Student.  In our house, with a father born in Germany, we practice a few German traditions still (like the real candles on the tree).  One of those traditions is Christmas 'plates' in lieu of stockings.  The children were always allowed to open the gift on the plate, and eat whatever from it (including candy) as soon as they woke in the morning, while they waited for the adults to get their coffee!!  Now, the children come home to their plates waiting for them:

After brunch, gifts are exchanged again - the best was seeing Ms Student open this:
She wondered how she was going to use a sewing box without a sewing machine, and then she found the foot pedal, and we gave her the machine - can you believe she cried!!!  She had mentioned she'd like a machine, and this was a 'found' bargain, complete with lots of notions.  Mr. Soccer chose the sewing box, and we put it all together.
You can see some of the other gifts open on the table - for a while it seemed like the bounty was never going to end!

We're not big on North American football in this house - soccer (real football) and rubgy are our games, and the guys found one to watch for a while.  We watched some Shrek, napped, played some cards, snacked.....a lovely relaxing time!   And Christmas Day # 2 came to a close.

Dec. 26 we headed out in the afternoon to spend another day with extended family (Christmas # 3).  One nephew was unable to join us the previous week (work) or spend time with his own family on Christmas Day (work again), so it was even more special that he was able to be with us  then.  We all decided that another big meal wasn’t needed, and we all brought favorite snacks, both sweet and savory.  We used paper plates and plastic forks, and just enjoyed each other’s company!  But can you believe that I had my camera and forgot to take it out - just too busy eating and talking and laughing!!

Dec. 27, we were off to see my parents in Kelowna, yet one more tradition, weather allowing.  No other family were close enough to be with them over the holidays, so they’d celebrated Christmas Day with friends in their complex, and everybody being 'turkey-ed' out, we have a nice lunch of homemade soup.   Mr. Soccer and Ms Student were able to come with us.  My mother is experiencing some health issues, still under investigation, and we noticed that she tired very quickly – but then that could have been partly due to the fact that she was up early baking:

 Are your mouths watering???

And Dad – entertained us with stories as usual:

 Part of our drive took us through a Winter Wonderland - and we all exclaimed how nice it was to have 'snow for Christmas'

It truly has been a blessed Christmas once again!
It’s New Year’s Eve as you’re reading this – and Grizz and I are in the middle of getting ready for a trip to Hawaii.  We leave Jan. 1 – we’re really excited to visit the Island State for the first time!    I’m not sure of the accessibility to the internet at the condo we’ve booked, so not sure if there will be any blogs for the next two weeks – and of course all quilting is on hold until we’re home again.
Happy New Year to you all!               Blessings, Peg


  1. So enjoyed reading about your Christmas activities. I love all family stories and get a great feeling be able to share in other great family stories. I had friends in for tea and Panettone today. Blessings to you and family. Love the photos of your mom and dad.

  2. Lovely christmas stories. Enjoy the warm weather and sunshine.

  3. Oh, what a beautiful Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing. I have never heard of the Christ candle and I loved the German tradition of the Christmas plates. How wonderful to keep the traditions alive. The driving pictures through the winter wonderland are beautiful. I know you are definitely ready for that warmer weather! Have a wonderful trip and come back and tell us all about it. Happy New Year!

  4. Wow! Looks like you all had a great holiday. Mom and Dad look great. Wish I could have been there with you all.