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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday's Words

Celebrate the Reason!
It’s December 1 and the countdown is officially on - Christmas is coming!!
Some 2000 years ago, Jesus was born – and we have the Reason we celebrate.  I have a fridge magnet that states: ‘Jesus is the Reason for the Season’.  We’re told that an existing pagan festival was used for the original celebration, but ‘Christmas’ is named after Christ.
In our home, we try to keep sight of the Reason, midst all of the hustle and bustle.
At some point in history Advent season came into being – a tradition that has been honored in our home for the last 38 years – one way to count down.

Counting down to ‘the day’ became part of the fun with our children, and we enjoyed the anticipation, excitement, and love around the gift exchanges.  The count-down took different forms over the years – once we found a candle marked with 24 days which was burnt down one day at a time, calendars, crafts, activities.  Chocolate-filled calendars were given to each of them, right up until last year (and they’re all in their 30s now!).   Santa Claus wasn’t completely left out of the picture – and a few years ago, I found this ‘calendar’:

It’s a fabric panel, slightly quilted – and each day we hang another little ‘ornament’ on the garland:

It’s fun – but we want to keep some focus on the real Reason.  Last year I posted pictures of some of the nativities that I’ve collected over the years (38 in all, I counted).  One of them is another ‘calendar’, made by a friend a few years back:014
Behind each door is a little piece of a nativity
And starting today, we’ll open one door at a time, setting the scene, so that on December 24th, there will be another complete nativity on display.                
We were pleased to read in a local paper that the school board in a nearby town has decided to call the school break ‘Christmas holiday’ again.  Their reasoning – Christmas (the name of the actual holiday) is the Reason that there is a school break, and they decided to call it what it is.  Kudos to them!  Christmas is celebrated in many different ways in many different cultures by people of many different beliefs.  Regardless, it’s still Christmas Day!
And Christmas began with Jesus – He’s the Reason – let’s celebrate the Reason!
Happy celebrations!         Blessings, Peg


  1. I so agree with you. I'm fed up with 'Season's greetings' and 'Winter holiday'. It's Christmas!

  2. I love your wooden advent calendar! Happy Christmas to you!