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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hawaii – Day 3

Our first full day in Hawaii – BTW, we’re on Maui, apparently I forgot to tell you that – we drove about 45 minutes to the town of Lahaina.

Lahaina was apparently the original capital city of the state of Hawaii, the capital being moved in the mid 1800s.  The town suffered a devastating fire in the early 1900s, was subsequently rebuilt and is now a charming tourist/marina center.

We wandered the streets:

27.Lahaina 29.Lahaina  

Had a leisurely lunch:

28.Cheeseburgers This is one of a chain of restaurants opened by 2 California girls, because they couldn’t find a cheeseburger when on a Maui vacation.  There are now 8 of these throughout Hawaii, California and Nevada.


Enjoyed the ocean breezes and view:31.Dining view33.BC Sub 30.Sinking ship 

Shopped – and I bought a muu-muu:26.Muumuu Just perfect for leisurely breakfasts

The famous banyan tree must be hundreds of years old:37.Banyan tree

So old it needs props for some of its limbs (kind of like some of us):

36.Banyan tree

We were drawn into the shade for a rest:50.Relaxing under the banyan tree

Then we visited the old prison, with its coral walls:56.Old prison 55.Old prison wall

And read the rules (not a place we’d like to stay!!)58.Prison rules

On our way back, we stopped at a lookout – to view Kihei (the town near the condo) across the bay:


Happy touring!   Blessings, Peg


  1. I was on Maui once years ago (maybe 8 years). There was the most fantastic bead store I've ever seen in one of the smaller towns. Soak up some sun for me.

  2. I'm so jealous. I had the opportunity to spend a week on Maui in 1998 - I loved it! Enjoy your vacation and visit Bubba Gumps Shrimp place - the beer steamed shrimp was yummy :-)

  3. We're going to Maui at the end of January so it's fun seeing the sites before I leave!!

  4. Oh,no! My sister's in a Mu-mu! LOL (It's pretty, though.)