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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hawaii – Day 6-7

We woke up on Day 6 to cloudy skies, misty rain, and somewhat cooler weather.  So tentative plans to go snorkeling were changed – it became a museum day.

The Sugar Museum highlighted the lifestyle of the workers, living in camps:

02.Sugar museum - camp house

And being entertained with cock-fights:03.Sugar museum - cock fighting

We also learned how sugar was extracted from the cane:05.Sugar museum - model of extractor  

The end-products of raw sugar and molasses are sent to processing plants – and the dry bagasse is recycled to produce energy for the mill:

04.Sugar museum - raw sugar, bagasse, molasses

We went on to Bailey House museum – a former Female Seminary (Edward Bailey was one of the missionaries who ran the school), where girls were taught to be ‘good wives’.  Unfortunately, no photos were allowed inside because of copyrights not held by the museum:

22.Bailey house

Chickens still run freely about the gardens here:21.Rooster 

Iao Valley State Park was a great example of tropical forest:29.Iao Valley Park

And then on to Paia to watch the surfers:44


Day 7 was still overcast, so more exploring was in order.  We checked out various beaches, to see which pools would be best for novice snorkelers like us:


(and got some diving shoes to protect our feet from those rocks when we do go out there).

We watched some paddle-boarders:006

And an out-rigger:


Even some sand-castle building:


The glorious beauty of Hawaii is never-ending!

Happy relaxation!     Blessings, Peg


  1. When we were in Maui we went to the sugar museum. I thought it was facinating (my dad was an engineer in a sugar refinery in Montreal for 35 years). That was where we found out that our middle daughter's name - Laina - means "cane trash" in Hawaian. She wasn't thrilled about that.

  2. What great photo memories you have from this trip... Thanks for sharing! 8-)

  3. sounds fabulous. As my dad in Florida says you don't have to shovel sunshine or rain. Wicked storm hitting Alberta yesterday and today, the wind is crazy.

  4. It is always kind of sad when the weather doesn't cooperate. I read the book about Father Damiean's Leper colony, can't remember the name, but it was great describing the Hawaiian islands and the kinds of work done there. Loving your stories.