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Monday, January 10, 2011

Hawaii – Day 8-9

Mornings are apparently the best time to go snorkeling (before the winds come up and the waters are murky), and – we’re told – it should be sunny for the best sightings.  But our last few mornings have been overcast, and this morning was no exception.  So more inland exploring was in order.

We headed up a mountain, finding spectacular views:21

And some sugar cane being planted:

23 22.Planting sugar cane 

We stopped at Mukawao – a reportedly ‘Cowboy’ town.  The only ‘Cowboy’ was on this sign:24.Mukawao

It was a neat little Western-wear shop, and we enjoyed browsing through it and other shops here.

We wanted to go on to a show garden, but got turned around somehow, and ended up back at the ocean watching more surfers – the waves were even more spectacular than the ones we watched a couple of days ago:33

Back at the condo, and relaxed in the hot tub – and we ended our first week in Hawaii.  The sun set with a hint of a promise of fine weather coming up:


Sunday tomorrow and apparently the day that the local families head for the beaches, so maybe we’ll try to get up to one of the volcanoes.

And up the mountain we went!  But first we stopped at a Wetland Reserve, and walked along the boardwalk:01.Wetlands preserve

Not many waterfowl or fish to see, but this stilt posed nicely for us:


AS we drove up Mt. Haleakala, we stopped to admire the view – here’s what we saw at 5000 feet:

23.5000 feet

When we got to the top, we were glad we had done so, because…..we were ‘up above the clouds’:39.Above the clouds 

Almost like being in an airplane!

We gazed down into the mouth of the volcano, and were happy that it was sleeping!

43.Crater  44.

And, no sis, we didn’t go into the crater!

On our way down, we drove through the clouds:

49.Into the cloud

Turned the corner…………….

And thought we’d been transported to Montana: 53

The ranchlands spread before us – an amazing sight between a volcano and the ocean!


Happy mountain and ocean touring!  Blessings, Peg


  1. That's it - hubby and I are going to go to Hawaii for our anniversary within the next few years - he was there in 1982 so maybe we should go next year :D Your photos and posts are making me DROOL!

  2. Your pictures have been amazing! Thanks for sharing these with us.

  3. Fabulous photos - what a grand time you are having! And we are covered with snow and more coming tomorrow and the next day.

  4. This whole vicarious travel thing is really working for me! And you too, apparently! LOL