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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Award

A blog award has come my way – actually twice in the last few days first from Arley and then from Elsie.  The award comes with the request that it be passed on to other bloggers, the idea being that blogs are promoted and get more readers. 

I’ve had my own difficulties with passing on awards in the past, as did Arley.  So I respectfully declined the first nomination, so that it could be forwarded to another blogger.  Unfortunately, Arley was unable to find enough bloggers to accept her nomination, and decided to decline the award herself.  That made me wish that I’d accepted the award – for her sake.

When Elsie nominated me also, I thought ‘there’s a message here somewhere.’  But, because of the aforementioned difficulties with forwarding awards, I’m reluctant to take that step – not wanting to offend or inconvenience any other bloggers.

Thus my response to these very gracious, and much appreciated nominations:

Thank you ladies for your kind thoughts and the compliment.

As for the award itself – I’d like to manage it this way – please everybody who reads this, do visit Arley and Elsie’s blogs, they’re both fabulous quilters and great folks with lots to share and  wonderful inspiration.  And for forwarding, check out my side-bar, I can’t possibly pick out just a few from that list of wonderful bloggers – maybe you’ll make a new friend there yourself!

Happy  sharing.          Blessings, Peg


  1. Oh so true Peg. Awards are a two edge sword. They are nice to get but hard to forward as so many blogs are award free. You handled it will. I will check those ladies out.

  2. Hi Peg
    Thanks for your mention, like you I have never done awards before and prob won't in future. I really don't need to promote my blog as I'm doing it for me(mostly). My niece is trying to promote her blog and I thought it would help but I think if I just mention what she is doing once in awhile it would be more helpful than an award. Have a great week. I will check out your links....there are so many great blogs and so little time.