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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday’s Words

Do you do a lot of quilting of small pieces, or paper piecing, where you have to use the iron every few minutes in the process?  Do you find it annoying to get up and down, move back and forth?
This tip I actually got from my sister-in-law, not sure if she thought of it herself, or got it from somewhere else.
Set you ironing board beside your sewing table, at table height – so you can just swivel your chair and iron!
Here’s a picture of my ironing board set up and ready to go:
I find this works really well for paper-piecing – with my cutting table on the other side, not so much up-and-down.  Although up-and-down is good exercise!
I actually don’t recommend sitting for long, long stretches without getting up and moving around some – have to prevent those varicose veins from setting in after all!  But do try this for those quilting sessions with lots of ironing.
The words for today:  make it easy!
Happy ironing!             Blessings, Peg


  1. I've been tempted to buy one of the teeny tiny irons, just to keep by my machine.

  2. Make it easy is a great motto to live by. I have my ironing board set down too. I make my self run up to the second floor (from the basement) now and then to get the blood flowing!

  3. Working smarter instead of harder! Way to go. So you're not getting up and down, but you are working those oblique abs by twisting left and right.