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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My buddy is gone

This little gem was given to me by my mother when I went into nurses’ training over 40 years ago:001

She didn’t get much use in those days, because the school had a laundry room complete with irons and ironing boards.

She didn’t get much use after training, and in our early years of marriage and family – only pulled out of the closet when we traveled somewhere that might not have laundry facilities available, and we thought ironing might be needed.

I almost forgot about her for a number of years.

When we started RV traveling, she found a home in the trailer, for the summer months at least – so handy, so faithful!

Then I started quilting – and her permanent home became right beside the sewing machine – there to quickly press those little seams, and make sure applique pieces stayed in place.

A few years ago, I actually won another similar ‘pal’, but gave it away because I had no need for two buddies, and thought somebody else could benefit from my good fortune.

Well, she gave up the ghost a few days ago.  First she quit steaming – I should have realized she might just be ‘running out of steam’ altogether – then one day she just wouldn’t go to sleep when I turned her off.  We cooled her down, Grizz took her apart, but we couldn’t see where the problem might be.  Because I can be really bad at remembering to turn things off, or unplug them, we decided she would be just too dangerous to have around (what if the cat jumped up and knocked her over and there was a fire).  So we let her die a natural death.

But I miss my buddy – she was such a good quilting friend! 

Good timing for the Sewing and Crafts Show, coming in just a couple of weeks – maybe I can find a new buddy.

Happy quilting buddies!                 Blessings, Peg


  1. It's bad when we lose a good quilting buddy - I have a small pink iron that I use a lot - I will not be happy when she finally retires.

  2. Oh my Peg sorry about your buddy. You will need another for sure, especially since you have been used to having it handy. Happy Green Day to you.

  3. A good iron is a great friend... Hope you find another.

  4. Oh so sad. Nothing like a good iron to accompany you throughout your quilting journey. Well, maybe drink some green beer or tea and here's to finding a another "good iron".