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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Show, a New Pal, and Getting Rid of Scraps

Yesterday was the first day of April and the annual Sewing and Crafts Show in our area – a perfect opportunity to see all the new ‘stuff’ and take advantage of some sales.  And visit numerous quilt shops all in one place!  What a great start to the month – the promised sunshine didn’t appear, instead we had the typical April showers all day!  but that didn’t put a damper on the fun at the show!
The display of quilts was impressive, of course – here are my favorites:
The awning in this picture is actually 3D – a wonderful applique scene!
I love rainbows – and am inspired by this!
The sashing on this Cinderella quilt is ‘ruched’ – what a lovely idea for a little girl!
This eagle was designed and pattern drawn by the quilter – how gorgeous!  And how I would love to have a pattern!
The challenge from Fabricland this year was aprons – and I was just amazed at the ideas that some people came up with:008009

And I found a new pal – remember my buddy gave up the ghost a few weeks ago – well, meet Irene:011012013
Isn’t she cute – she steams, has a switch so she can travel to Europe (if we ever get there!), and comes with her own travel bag and her own little measuring cup for water.  I think she’s going to be a great pal!
On the sewing front, I’ve decided it’s time to use up scraps!  Have you heard of Jelly Roll 1600?  Well, it’s using a full jelly roll (40 – 2.5x40” strips) sewn together first in one looooooooong strip – watch the video to see the rest.  Well, I decided I had more than enough 2.5” strips tucked away to make up a jelly roll – and got started.  From this:
to this:
in just a couple of hours.  Easy peasy!
I have some more ideas for using up scraps, and will share those as I get going with them – should have several quilt tops when done.   I’ll also be looking for some help with the quilting, then pass these on to a charity somewhere – any takers?
This evening – dinner out and then a Barbershop Harmony show – it’s the end of their competition and we’re going to be watching the Show of Champions (hoping our friend’s chorus makes it).
Yesterday, a friend announced her engagement on Facebook – it was very exciting, and she got many, many, many congratulations.  This morning, she posted how wonderful it was that so many were excited for them – but after all ….. it was April Fool’s Day!
And here I thought I got through the day without being fooled!
Happy April!          Blessings, Peg


  1. Ohh isn't Irene the cutest thing - and she looks so industrious - like the Little Engine That Could, next to her big sister. I have the exact same purple big sister iron.

  2. Happy April to you, Peg. Great quilts and your new little buddy is interesting, haven't seen one like that before.

  3. Looks like a fun day! I LOVE the first quilt you show with the bike and the awning. So wonderful! Scrap quilting is addictive - be careful....

  4. Irene, hey? That's awesome. I thought I was the only one that named stuff. Here's to a long, happy and productive palship!