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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday’s Words

Words – from the time I was a small child, I’ve love words….in books!

I learned to read early, and spent my childhood buried in books.  In high school, I worked in the school library.  As an adult I had a time when I was librarian in our church.  I read, read, read….not as much anymore as I used to (I fall asleep), but there’s still always a book handy, and with me just about everywhere I go.

When I retired, I thought it would be fun to volunteer in the local library.  Well, unions apparently don’t allow that – something about taking away somebody’s job???

Anyway, then I found the Friends of the Library (FOL), a group who support the local library with fundraising and promotional events.

It’s lots of fun doing book sales, and quiz nights, making up baskets for raffle………..and celebrating milestones.

Like this one:    10th Anniversary of the opening of our library building.  Prior to this apparently there was a mobile library, then a trailer where one could request books and pick up requests.  This is a lovely building, and so very welcoming.

Yesterday evening we gathered to celebrate – heard greetings from the mayors of our two little communities, and met the lady (standing just right of center in the gray pants and holding the yellow sweater)


who designed and made this quilt:


How fabulous to have a celebration of words…..in books!

Happy reading!   Blessings, Peg


  1. that is a fantastic quilt for the library. I find these days if I am quilting I don't have the time for reading, well unless it is a pattern. I can only do one hobby at a time!!

  2. I love reading and libraries too and am on the local library board. We're not anywhere as big or productive as you - 4 people and we meet about every two months, mostly to solve ongoing problems. We have an ancient building that has a ton of problems. But the library is well used - even if there is more computer use than book use. Your building looks fabulous and I love the quilt!

  3. The library was a treasure chest for me as a child and a lovely treat as an adult while my young children were in school.
    In the last several years my library trips were to the Archives to do genealogy research.
    Now I am like you. I fall asleep. I have 3 books partly read right now. I wonder if I will have to start them over because I will forget what has happened already.
    Her quilt is so perfect. She did a fabulous job.