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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday’s Words–Hate Mail?

It’s hard to believe it, but apparently there are folks out there who think it’s okay to criticize meanly. 

Now I like to think that I’m a person who can accept constructive criticism – you know, suggestions on how something could be done better, easier …. what clothes look good and which don’t ….. ideas for quilts -  with grace and gratitude.   And I think that most bloggers are much the same.  If they weren’t they wouldn’t be willing to put themselves out there for all the world to see – and criticize!

But apparently there are some out there who think if they don’t like something another says or does, they have the right to knock the other person down.  I hope that makes sense. 

Personally I haven’t experienced such, but there are bloggers out there who have – so a thoughtful, considerate, helpful person (actually 2 people) have started a blog where mean-spirited comments can be deposited.

Go over here and check out the blog Vivienne and Mandi have opened just for venting about those nasty comments.

This is a good thing!

Happy venting!                 Blessings, Peg


  1. There has been too much of this horrible commenting lately. And it is always 'anonymous'. Why are people so unkind?

  2. I was commenting on the same thing just a couple of weeks ago. It must be an epidemic or something.

  3. That's good! I am a big fan of 'delete' and suggest that they keep their negative notions on their own blogs (which nobody usually reads anyway).

  4. Haven't had that but one time on one of my other blogs and yes it was anonymous. I think those things just come and go. If some one berates your work they are just nuts. Happy Easter to you and family.