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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A bit of a Shocker

It was Election Day in Canada yesterday, and people all across the country cast their ballots.

There is no electronic voting in Canada yet, so gymnasiums and halls everywhere set up the polling booths, and many thousands (I haven’t seen the final count of voters yet) marked their ‘X’ and deposited their ballot in a box just like this:

The results seen last night – were indeed a shock!  A major party (we have at least 5 in Canada) got many less votes than anybody expected – and we have a majority government, for the first time in a while.  This means, of course that the government has more freedom in passing laws, but also can mean a lot less control in which laws they decide to pass.  The only reason we had this election was because the governing party was a minority, and were defeated in a non-confidence vote over the budget – just one of the hazards of a minority government.

One of the issues in voting in Canada is that casting a vote for a representative in a riding, is also casting a vote for that party’s leader.  So a voter has to weigh the candidate with the leader to decide their vote.  It makes it tough – if you like a candidate, but don’t like the leader (or the party lines), how do you vote?

The three major parties – Conservative (our new majority government), Liberal, and New Democrat - generally battle it out, and for the first time in history, I believe, the NDP are the official opposition in Parliament.  In our riding, a new-comer to the political scene has won his seat with the Conservative party – should be interesting to see how well he represents the local issues.

There’s also the Green party – a very minor party in this country, that stands behind their name – always, only, and ever, for the ecology – but no apparent knowledge of, or interest in, the myriad other issues that a country faces every day.  They actually won a seat! 

And the Bloc Quebecois – only exists in Quebec, and only exists to separate Quebec from the rest of Canada (in name only, they still want the benefits of our social, financial, and military systems).  I’m not sure how they think they could ever get a large enough following to accomplish their goals, when only the voters in one province can vote for them.  But they have 6 seats.

I was surprised to see a Marxist candidate on my ballot – I’ve never heard of them before, and they certainly weren’t on any of the TV ads that I saw, or participated in the debates.  Interesting!

I didn’t mean to rant on like this – I can only hope I haven’t said anything to upset anybody.  I do wish our new government all the best for the next few years (and hopefully it will be a few years – we could use a break from elections and the expense that goes with it).

Happy day after elections!    Blessings, Peg


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I admit openly that I only vote so I can retain my right to complain. As far as I'm concerned they're all the same, this is not a true democracy and they are not in it for the people. Although, the pension is pretty attractive! LOL. I'm not any kind of a political creature and I don't have any faith in the system. It is what it is and I dare say that in very short order even those that voted in the Conservatives will be whining about them. It's all kind of like the weather: what they say will happen and what really happens are not necessarily, or even often, related.

  2. Hi Peg,

    First of all... I am by no means upset or offended, but I wanted to respond to your comments on the Green Party.

    Don't underestimate them! They have a great platform that addresses topics beyond environmental issues, including digital policies, economics, health care, industry, and education. They have their budget plan posted on their website and it is the ONLY opposing party to have their budget reviewed and confirmed by the Parliamentary Budget Office that their numbers will hold.

    Although I am not sure I'd want to see a majority Green government, Elizabeth May has a very impressive resume with a history of making very substantial and very positive changes. I believe she will be an asset to Canada in Parliament.

  3. I'm a bit stunned by the election results. Especially because the conservatives won in my riding. We haven't had a conservative here for 25 years. We had a very strong, very intelligent and very knowledgeable Green candidate. I think he took enough votes away from the Liberal candidate to let the conservatives slip in. Oh well I guess we have a member who is part of government for the first time in a long while.

  4. I agree! I'm from Newfoundland and Labrador. We've always had a Liberal in Labrador... ALWAYS... last night history was made when a Conservative won our seat. I tend to stay away from politcts because I feel like although I like a particular leader, I really dislike the party or vica versa!!!!

    My only hope is that our Trans-Labrador Highway which is currently unpaved will see hardtop...it's almost 2500 kms long and certainly deserves to be paved. Also more jobs for teachers and less taxes are on my agenda too. Hopefully the NDP opposition will get some things moving in there. It's an exciting time to be Canadian... hopefully we'll see some positive changes in the near future.

  5. It was a shocking outcome last night wasn't it Peg!! Most shocking!! I too hope we won't have to go through all this again for a few years... I was getting tired of seeing it all on the news every day.

  6. As a non-Canadian, I found the post very interesting. Thanks for sharing and explaining.

  7. Next time I'm thinking about voting Pirate! (Just 'cause it's so cool that there is a Pirate party!)