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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all the mothers I know, and don’t know a wonderful day!  May you be blessed with family and friends on this, your special day.

We’re spending Mother’s Day in NW Washington.  We arrived here on Friday, and were joined yesterday by our BIL and SIL – and headed out to La Conner.  The main purpose: to visit the quilt museum.  Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) had contacted her friend, Joy, at the local library, who had two passes to share with us.

What a treat!  The top floor was quilts by Cathy Cook (hope I’m remembering that correctly) – story quilts in amazing colors and full of imagination.  The middle floor displayed quilts by Mary Lou Weidman – Japanese styles in honor of the Japanese interred during WWII.  The art and skill that both of these quilters have is certainly something to which I can only aspire.  No pictures were allowed of these quilts, due to copyright restrictions.

On the main floor – a mixture of styles and techniques.

Crazy quilts were the main feature:008010

This one has a crocheted outer border:


Here’s a closer close-up:


Isn’t that beautiful work!

This one was tucked underneath a stairwell – do you see the well-used edge at the top left corner?024

Gail Hunt quilts were displayed to advertise her classes up-coming at the local guild.  This first one let the light through in spots, and gave an impression of stained glass:


Her pictorial technique:


Which included her confetti technique:006007

The house itself was a wonder to behold:034

And was featured in several quilts:022

032          028  

Built in 1891:


a fire in 1973 destroyed much of the top floor, and restoration of much of the house is still underway.  The ceiling in this turret room was particularly eye-catching:


The quilts that catch my eye first are the landscapes and sceneries:


These make me want to go home and do some of my own.

There were more, oh so many many more!  Maybe another post!

After the quilt museum, we headed down to the harbor, just in time to watch the Cinqo de Mayo boat parade:



And on one wharf was a wonderful rock garden, complete with pond and waterfall:

038     041043    044

All in all a great day!  We managed to miss the rain falls by being indoors at just the right times.

In the evening Jo and her hubby came for a visit – and we got a few hours of ‘quilt talk’ in.  It was so wonderful to meet in person, after these months of on-line friendship.  Jo brought her Pumpkins and Spice blocks (I forgot mine!) – you can follow our progress on this joint project at our blog Cross-Border Quilters.  We had a great visit, and admired each other’s work, as well as the projects that my SIL brought along.  There’s nothing like adding quilting to a weekend to make it perfect.

And Jo brought gifts,  tea wallet (complete with tea) and a little crocheted pincushion:

050  051

This morning the birds are singing and the sun is shining, I got a free breakfast, and we’re headed out to visit Deception Pass and Anacortes – and a couple of quilt shops!

Happy, happy Mother’s Day!    Blessings, Peg


  1. Wow Peg that was obviously a great show. I just am amazed at those marvelous works of art. Sounds like you had a great time. Wonderful to get to meet your on-line co-creator of the Cross-Borders Project. The sun is shining her today also. Hooray. We are cooling it today after parting all day yesterday for the Derby.

  2. Sounds like you are having a great little vacation. We had such a grand time last night, meeting you all the others. We didn't get home until 11 but it was worth it - such fun to meet up with quilting buddies and meet new ones. Hopefully it isn't raining in Anacortes - it is sun-like here - high clouds and a bit of sun peeking through now and then. Now I have to get busy on some quilting - you both inspired me last night.

  3. Wow...I realize what a quilting novice I really am compared to those incredible works of art you posted. I'm still having trouble getting my seam lines to line up perfectly! Happy Mother's day dear friend!
    Love, Twink

  4. The Phoenix is amazing. They're all beautiful, but that one is... well, amazing!

  5. You are always showing such interesting photos Peg! 8-)