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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quilt Shop Travel

As a quilter, my eye is always open for quilts - there’s nothing more exciting than finding ‘new’ quilt shops when we’re on the road.  This trip did not disappoint.

In Sedr0-Wooley, WA, we found a quilt show our first weekend – posted here

I had taken this panel along on the trip, in case I found fabrics to coordinate:


I didn’t run across a lot of quilt shops (and didn’t drag Grizz and our friends out of the way to find any), but the two that I visited were enough to keep me satisfied.

In Hill City, SD:397.Quilt shop

And at Custer, SD:427.Quilt shop

This little shop was so full, that they used the ceiling to display some of their wares:


Purchases?  Well, a few pieces to use with the panel:003

Some spray glue (a great price, especially considering the value of the dollar):


This table-topper pattern:005

And at Yellowstone, a wall-hanging pattern – to forever remind me of our trip:001


And then there were the quilts hanging around that inspired me to keep on quilting.

First in a bookstore in Fairhaven, WA:002.Qult in bookstore

And this one at the Lewis and Clark museum in Great Falls, MT:474

And the scenery, everywhere we went, made me want to capture the memories in fabric, as well as in photos!

Happy inspiration!         Blessings, Peg


  1. I miss my knitting needles. Too much gravel to move to even think about starting something new. Your pictures make me want it to be winter so I have an excuse.

  2. Love your beaver! I know I haven't commented lately but I have been following along with your trip. It looks like it was wonderful. One day I'd like to do a similar trip. Happy Canada Day!

  3. I knew about the shop in Hill City, but not the one in Custer. We were planning a trip to the Black Hills in September, butit's on hold for now. If we get there, though, hubby better have a good book in the car! Sounds like you had a great trip.

  4. Wow - you've had quite the luck - maybe when we get together next I can see some of the fun stuff in person.

  5. First I must say, adorable Canada Day Beaver!!! lol! 8-)
    Looks like you got your fill of little quilt escapes along the way! Good for you Peg! Nice little purchase!

  6. How lucky you were to be able to visit so many quilt shops. Nice purchases.