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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Days

I have no excuse, none at all.

The only ‘reason’ I’ve not been blogging…..is sheer laziness.

It must be these ‘Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer’. 


But I’ve not been enjoying sodas, or pretzels or beer – although I do wish that summer could always be here. 

As much as I’m enjoying the heat that we’re finally experiencing, after such a long, long winter, cold spring, and late summer – I do find the heat draining. 

And so I am lazy!


But life hasn’t been all non-productive.  In my few short spurts of energy, I have continued with trying to use up all the scraps that have been saved.  And so here’s the last of them used up:

From Christmas scraps – some coasters, mug rugs


and hot mats:



And a stocking for someone to hang by their chimney with care:007

And then the selvedge scraps – a bag to carry along a small cutting mat:


And another small bag to carry the smalls (scissors, cutter, thread, needles):


that attaches to the large bag, inside or out, with a magnet:


So that empties the bins of all the scraps.  Amazingly, even using up scraps left scraps.  So what did I do with those?  Well, I made a couple of small dog pillows for my friends with small dogs – just simply sewed a square of dog fabric and stuffed all those bits and pieces into it and closed it up.  Completely washable, and great for when they want to ‘scrunch’ their beds up.  But there was just so much more even yet, so I found a couple of larger pieces of dog fabric in my stash, and made a big pillow, for our DD and DSIL’s large dog.  She apparently loves it.  Sorry to say I neglected to take pictures before I delivered these goodies.

Now that the scrap bins are emptied, the rest of the work has to be done.  I have 4 flimsies to quilt – and 92 12” blocks to sew together into some size of quilt top (or two).

Others have apparently found the summer days whizzing by with much to do – and so this was long in arriving:006

I won this through Myra’s PhD Challenge that I joined January to June.  I was so surprised – didn’t even realize there was a give-away that went along with it.  Now that the scrap bins are all emptied, I can start to work on some of the other projects I’ve lined up – like this lovely wall hanging.  Thanks so much Myra – love it!

On the home front, we’ve been doing some sprucing up and cleaning out – and had a garage sale last weekend, that was quite successful.  Just a couple of items left we’d like to sell:

This hanging chair would be perfect on somebody’s patio, under a tree, with a soda (or beer) and some pretzels:


And this antique office chair – we just no longer have the space, and it’s been sitting in the basement for a while now:


Know anybody in the area that might want them?

The proceeds from the garage sale went to good use – found a good deal, and got something we’ve wanted for a while:001

This lovely has pride of place on our counter now – and has produced some delicious muffins already (that’s the most I want to bake in this heat).  Looking forward to homemade bread without the grunt work this winter (more laziness, I guess).

Happy lazy summer days!           Blessings, Peg


  1. You account on today's post does not sound like the lazies to me. I am gonna take a rest after the picnic Saturday. We all worked so hard my feet still hurt. Time to tune up the Christmas work now. I have a couple of things going. Had planned on a 16 x 20 watercolor for each of our children's home and scarves and primpy things for
    all the grands. So good to have goals. Blessings
    Your bag is in the mail.

  2. You are amazing - using up all your scraps. I dream of doing that some day when I have time, but in the meantime my scrap pile gets bigger and bigger.

  3. Wow - you have been busy - despite claiming to be lazy. LOL Clever little projects.

    You will love making bread with your new mixer - I've had one for about 20 years now and have loved every minute of it. Ben now helps me bake things with it and we have a grand time. I just made some fabulous zucchini bread with it (well it was yellow crook neck squash bread) but zucchini bread sounds better. I haven't bake yeast bread this summer, but will get back to it in the fall. Enjoy!

  4. You have been very busy, clearing out a scrap bin is a great accomplishment in my eyes. I have too many scrap bins but have emptied a couple of pizza boxes of strips lately making string blocks.
    I sorted UFO's in Feb with great intentions and finally got them back out last week, all nicely organized but nothing completed so I quilted 2 tablerunners and 2 small quilts this week. Hopefully I can keep this up.
    Love your new mixer by the way.

  5. I would love to take the chairs! The hanging chair would be perfect on my back deck and the office chair is so cool. Sigh...