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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cascade Loop Part II

After leaving Winthrop, our plan was to head to Wenatchee and explore around there for a few days, including Leavenworth. 

On the way, we stopped for a brief walk through Chelan – well known for a casino, although we didn’t see one.  This signpost caught my eye:29

Apparently you can get many places from there!

We enjoyed our stroll around town, meeting a couple of locals, one of whom recommended a drive up a nearby hill to take in the views.  We determined to get settled at Wenatchee and come back for that.   Before we left town, we came across this 100+ year old church, apparently all original except the seating which was ‘replaced’ in 1920.

31.Century-plus church

And we headed for Wenatchee – but, we couldn’t find a campground.  So we kept going, and found ourselves at Leavenworth.  Okay, so with no definitive plans, we just switched directions – instead of carrying on around the Loop, we’d just enjoy this area once again, and then go back toward Chelan.

Leavenworth – a little piece of Bavaria in the Cascade Mountains.  The mountains are a perfect backdrop for the flavor of this little village:


And we enjoyed our walk through the various shops, stopping for a bit to sing along with the ‘ooh-pah-pah’ band:35

Because we had our dog, Sadie with us, we were stopped frequently so young and old alike could pet her.  These girls were more than willing for a photo-op:


There must be something about bassets, everybody seems to love them!

Local hand-made quilts at one store caught my eye:40.Quilts for sale

And I was more than pleased to, eventually, re-find the local quilt shop.  I’d forgotten it was there, but took advantage of the opportunity to do some shopping.  I’ll share all the ‘finds’ in another post.

We took the time to head to an antique mall just up the highway, and were pleased to find there was a flea-market in the parking lot.  Check out my previous post about the treasure we took home from there.

Also in the area is a town called Cashmere, the home of Aplets and Cotlets, a delightful fruit jelly candy.54.Cashmere

They appear to be prepared for snow!!

As we wandered the street we spotted this sign above a pub:55.Drunk Crow sign

We couldn’t see the name of the pub, but thought it was humorous that the crow appeared to be passed out!!!

A couple more antique malls yielded some more take-homes – I’ll put all of those in a different post.

We stopped at Smallwood’s Harvest:60

for a bite of lunch a a look-through their fabulous country store and culinary specialty shop.

This is one fantastic family destination – with the stores for the big folk, and entertainment for the little folk:59  63

Happy, happy touristing!              Blessings, Peg

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  1. What a lovely visit - so many sights to see there. I think that Smallwood's "mother" is a quilter in the WA group I belong to (it is a big group - with 350 members). She is often telling us of the wonderful fruit there. Can't wait to see what you bought.