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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The End of the Trip

As I said in my last post, we finished up our trip around the Cascade Loop in Washington Satet by heading back to Canada through Osoyoos, BC. 

We have a favorite campsite here, Gallagher Lake, and have been returning regularly for a number of years now.  While here, we visit a few favorite places which include a couple of quilt shops.  We also like to try out a couple of wineries – this is, after all, Wine Country.

But one of our favorites is a hardware store in Osoyoos:004

Deceptively the outside looks just like any hardware store, but the treasure trove inside entertains us for a couple of hours at least.

Just inside the door is always a seasonal display, that gives just a hint of what all you can find in here:005

This time the color theme was purple, and the display made me want to redo some room or other in our house, just to use some of these goodies.

Besides hardware, there’s camping gear, barbecues and attendant tools, yard and garden supplies and decoration, games and puzzles, plumbing, electrical, carpentry tools…….and then there’s the following:


Spices, kitchen gadgets, all manner of gourmet cooking aids


Coffees and teas of every description and the pots in which to make them – and behind that, all the small appliances anyone could want in their kitchen


In The Parlour can be found all of the little niceties to spice up any d├ęcor, and lots of things for gifts, too

Every room in the house seems to have a section – and then there’s the garden – if you don’t like the regular yard activities, you can still make it look like you do with all of their artificial plants, ponds and garden statues:


This is just a little taste – if you like one-stop shopping – this wonderful store on the Main St in Osoyoos is the place to go!

Happy shopping                       Blessings, Peg

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  1. Wow - I love stores like that - so much to look at and hard to decide which things to buy. What did you buy there?