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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fabric Finds

As we traveled along the Cascade Loop in NW Washington, I kept my eye open for quilt shops.  I warned Grizz ahead of time that this was a necessity, so he was well prepared.  With a few projects in mind, the opportunity to shop at some ‘new-to-me’ quilt shops was a chance too good to pass up.

Our first stop was at Burlington, to get stocked up for the trip, and a couple of hours at Anacortes go me started.  We’d been to Anacortes before, most recently just last May, but the quilt shops were closed the day we were there, and I really wanted to explore this new territory.

Both The Quilt Shop and Fabrics Plus had some great finds:


These beauties will go perfectly in Winterberry, the ‘together’ project that Jo and I will be doing this fall.  You’ll be able to follow our progress on our joint blog, Cross Border Quilters.  We’ll get started when I’m home from this trip.

Also at Fabrics Plus, was this gem:031

perfect for the wall-hanging that I won from Myra.

As we wandered through the Loop, we came across Twisp (don’t you just love that name), a little tiny town, with a wonderful shop called Quilt Haven – and yes, Lori, I really did stumble across this one!

There I found a couple of fat quarters that I know will go with some Christmas fabric I have at home (I know because the same fabrics were right there beside these):


Leavenworth has its own surprise quilt shop.  Seeing this building at first you think it must be just another hotel or B&B:52.Dee's Quilt Shop

But when you get over on that side of the street, you learn what it really is:


So on in I went – oh, the quilts, and the patterns, and the fabrics!  And I found these to get started on Myra’s Mystery Quilt:020

It needs one more fabric, but I just couldn’t find the right one – but I wasn’t worried, we were only a few days into our trip, and I was sure there would be more shops down the road!

In Chelan, I found Woven Threads 68.Woven Threads - Chelan

– an absolutely delightful shop, with enough eye candy for any quilter – and some more Winter berry fabrics:034

That cream looks like snowballs – how apropos.

Also, there was a blue to go with the oriental find in Leavenworth:036

And then we got to Omak – Needlyn Time, another wonderful shop – and everything is on sale at a maximum price of $7.99 per yard for their 25th anniversary celebration, until the end of December.  So if you can, get on out there and take advantage of this great sale – even Grizz asked why I didn’t buy more while we were there116.Omak - Needlyn Time

Here at last was that one elusive fabric for Winterberry (plus another just because):


And this red to go with the one found at Fabrics Plus in Anacortes:019

The last 2 quilt shops that I knew I wanted to visit were in Oliver, BC.  Unfortunately Heatherz Threadz was closed just at the time we were there, and being almost saturated with fabric finds (is that possible?), I didn’t return.  But we did stop at Wine Country Quilts, and I found some more:

Another brown for Winterberry, and the blue just because, as well as the panel for an Advent Calendar (maybe a project to with DDIL):012013

That’s the sum total of everything I found – more on the projects to follow…..soon!

Happy Quilt Shop Hopping!                Blessings, Peg

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  1. Wow - you did find all sorts of treasures. And I'm wondering too, why you didn't buy more at that special price.

    That quilt shop in Leavenworth is where several of my friends go for a retreat - right there next to the quilt shop - how convenient.

    Love all the pretties you bought - and knowing you - they will be sewn up in no time.