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Monday, October 10, 2011

Design Wall Monday

But first…………….Happy Thanksgiving Day to Canada

Happy Columbus Day to the US!

Reasons to celebrate – and how thankful we are that we can celebrate with friends and family.  Yesterday we joined our friends-in-law for a wonderful meal.  The table was set beautifully:013

And we laughed and shared and ate and laughed and played cards and laughed and ate some more and planned our next meal together and laughed and laughed and laughed:014

We had such a good time – I can hardly wait for the gathering later today with another side of the family!

In the meantime – I actually do have a design wall again!  Thanks to everybody that shared ideas with me.  In the end we adapted the idea that Barb (no blog) sent.  A flannel sheet and a couple of pieces of doweling that were standing around.  I sewed a sleeve in each end of the sheet, threaded the doweling through, added string, and hung it up on a couple of picture hooks.  Two holes in the wall, and the bottom doweling adds enough weight to keep the ‘wall’ fairly taut and steady.



I can’t get back far enough to get the whole wall in the pic, but I’m sure you ‘get the picture’.       The wall is about 90 inches square, so big enough for most quilts.

So, on the wall already, you see the beginnings of a couple of quilts.

On the left – the first three blocks for Myra’s Mystery Quilt-a-long.  I’m a little behind, but also got these 32 cuties done for the same quilt:010

Back to the design wall – on the right are the first steps of Down Winterberry Lane.  Both Jo and I have been experiencing some limitations to our ability to actually sit and sew, so we’re slowed down somewhat.  And now Jo is headed to Virginia to meet her newest grandson, and we’ve just decided to pick away at this the best we can.  When we get back to it we’ll get going with our posts at Cross-Border Quilters.

Also got completed the October block for the Canadian BOM with Quilting Canadians:


It has been a fulfilling and satisfying week – once again, thankful that we have all we have, can do all we do, are blessed with family, friends, fun and fellowship!                Blessings to all of you!       Peg


  1. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful family holiday. We are in the planning stage here for ours. Getting ready for Halloween first. I usually dress up and sit just inside the garage with the candy. Every year I say it is my last but as long as only the little ones come along I love it and will probably continue. It always ends up with big, big kiddos messing up something. So glad you had a blessed holiday. QMM

  2. I hope your holiday weekend is as wonderful as your beautiful quilts. The one in your blog banner at the top is gorgeous. A really great quilt.

  3. Great solution for your design wall! Simple and effective. Can't wait to see the progress on these new projects!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Glad you've got your design wall fixed. I've got my commenting problem fixed by downloading Google Chrome. Yeah! I'm happy to have a solution.

  5. Happy belated Thanksgiving Peg. I was a little busy on the weekend with food preparations etc. glad you had a great weekend. I just might try your design wall trick too.

  6. Oh - wonderful memories of family time - and your quilt wall is great.