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Monday, November 7, 2011

Design Wall Monday

It’s Monday already – where has the week gone?

We spent part of the weekend in Tacoma WA – sadly for the funeral of a cousin of my mother’s, a young man of only 37.  We traveled with my parents, which gave us some time together that just doesn’t seem to happen often enough!  The service was lovely, and we were able to touch bases again with his family whom we also don’t see often enough.  A reminder of how very precious life and relationships are and how important it is to keep in touch.

Our DS2 and DDIL were here for a visit yesterday – just a nice relaxing afternoon.  We made some tentative plans for Christmas gatherings – and that will be here all too soon – when our DS1 and his fiancée will be with us as well.

And now back to the regular week – including doctor’s appointments, Emergency Social Services meeting, book club book to read………and of course, some quilting!

On the wall today:


Still working on Down Winterberry Lane.  Do you see the print strip at the top?  There’s another one at the bottom.  Well, I cut it at 2.5 inches, because that was all the fabric I had.  On Friday, I made Grizz stop at a quilt shop (well actually 2) in order to see if I could get more of that fabric.  I was in luck – I got the last 3 fat quarters at Folktales in Linden.  030Whew!  So I’ll pick this apart and replace it with a 4.5 inch strip, as is called for in the pattern.  I think it will make a difference, don’t you!

Then the pieced outer border goes on, and we’re almost ready for sandwiching and quilting.

Also on the wall:


This little wall hanging (17x21) made up from blocks of prints that I picked up when we were in Yellowstone Park this past June.  The prints are of paintings done by Thomas Moran, of various scenes around the park.  The original paintings were done in 1876 – this is a great memory of that trip!  It’s ready for sandwiching and quilting.

So my work is  cut out for me this week – pardon the pun!

Happy progress!              Blessings, Peg


  1. Sorry to hear of the passing of a young cousin Peg...

    Tentative planning for Christmas is something we need to do yet... It is coming way too soon!

    Your Down Winterberry Lane is looking wonderful! thank goodness you were able to find a bit of the fabric you need to finish it up!!!

    I love the fabrics you used to frame your block prints from Yellowstone!!! What a lovely little wall-quilt!!

    Happy stitching! 8-)

  2. Wow - moving right along. I am still not able to sit and sew - but one of these days.