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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday’s Words

“I’d rather regret the things I did,

than regret the things I didn’t do”

This quote was at the bottom of an email message I received a little bit ago, and is attributed to Lucille Ball.  ‘Lucy’ is a person I have long admired, and she appeared to have done, or at least tried to do, most things that she wanted. 

After reading this quote, I recalled a time in my life when a health problem cropped up that pointed out my very mortality, and I remember thinking of all the things that I wanted to do but may never have the opportunity to do.  And now……I’ve been mulling over the things that I regret – and they’re almost all things that I wish I had done or could do. 

So I’m making a ‘Bucket List’ (have you seen that movie?).

My list includes things like travel – to distant countries as well as around North America, quilts that I want to make – and maybe even design, flying a plane, writing a novel, bouncing grandchildren on my knee (now that one is out of my control, but I can wish can’t I), learning to decorate cakes, finally retiring finally…….and aging gracefully, albeit I would love to have Lucy’s red hair!

I dream about these kind of things, but somehow just never seem to DO anything about actually achieving most of them.  Not sure where to start, but with a milestone birthday coming up, I think it’s time for action – time to make a plan for at least one thing on the list, and work toward that goal!  Time to regret a few things I’ve done!!!

Do you have a Bucket List?  What do you do about achieving those wishes?  Do you regret the ‘un-dones’ in your life?

Let’s get it done…..together……..will you join me?

Blessings, Peg


  1. A great post Peg. I made a bucket list many years ago. I always taught my children to have a list and if you did not get the exact thing done get as close as you can. I wanted to be a nun as a little girl, I now share the spiritual life as an associate, I wanted to learn to fly an airplane, a friend took me up once in her plane, let me steer and that is as close as I got. I wanted to go to London, had the trip set up, had to cancel due to 9/11 and went to British owned Bermuda. I do not waste any time now on things that are just not attainable due to age and financial situation. So I have gotten to do almost everything on my list. My goals are not as lofty as they once were. Loved that movie.

  2. Like the quote. love Lucy. I don't know if you've seen it, but in January, the last two years, I've made a list for the year. I don't really consider it a bucket list. but it's fun to come up with ideas ..

  3. I don't have a bucket list (as in kicking the...) but I do have a life list (as in "during my lifetime I want to....). It isn't written down, just in my head and it isn't super extensive, although I add things from time to time. It includes things like: raft the Tatshenshini/Alsek rivers to the ocean, see the barrenland caribou en masse during their migration, go to Ireland and spend at least one month touring around. I guess I should start accomplishing some of the things on the list, since they are all fairly major undertakings.

  4. I want to see wild horses running - that is my main wish. We searched for them in Eastern WA last year only to find that some guy had rounded them up and sold them for dog food - what a horrible end for lovely creatures.

    One was to write the book about my childhood in Alaska, and it is done, published and selling well. My next is to write a book about quilters - their lives, their quilts, their interests and how they started quilting. I've made a good start on that. Writing has always been my "thing" and I'm enjoying retirement and the time to write.

  5. Dear peg, Go for you're bucket list !!!! Yes I saw the movie and yes since then I have a bucket list too, I try to do at least one thing of my list each year. . . bit always leave something in you're bucket too we don't want it to go empty and having nothing to wish for.... I always say the journey to go to Ithaka is as much pleasure and reaching it.... enjoy you're journey !!!! Lots of love from the netherlands !!!

  6. Funny how birthdays looming cause us to reflect. I do have a bucket list. I crossed two things off it this year: Buy a house, build a labyrinth. Haven't regretted either yet! The novel is still very much a work in progress (thirty years and counting! LOL) Other things on my list are: visit the Maritimes, go to Drumheller, pay cash for a new car, win an award for one of my knitting patterns, find the love of my life. Not necessarily in that order. I think the point is not just to dream, but to dream big and fearlessly do what we can to achieve it. Just remember: Lucy's red hair came from a bottle. Your thick, natural waves of silver are beauty come from within!