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Monday, December 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday

First of all, I’d like to thank my encouragers out there.   My last post expressed frustration with a BOM, and your comments have given me new courage to face it this week.

Still on the wall today:


Not sure if anybody noticed, but I did get the December tree standing upright!  LOL!

And the map applique is now finished – it looks kind of lost in that ‘sea’ doesn’t it!  I’m quite happy with the way it turned out within itself, but maybe it should be bigger???  What do you all think?

I’m test-driving this grey-green from my stash for borders and sashing – 1/2 inch sashing between the blocks, which would mean about 3/4 inch around the ‘sea’.   Oh, maybe if I put the map square again and used sashing fabric to put it on point – would that make the map look less lost.             And the more I look at it…..the map looks off-center……..because there’s more of Canada in the north-west than in the south-east.  It really is exactly centered – I measured!  So maybe some adjustment there would make a difference.

Opinions please!!!  I need help!  And my quilting group isn’t meeting again now until January.

Anyway – I’ll be linking to The Needle and Thread Network WIP Wednesday – head on over there in a couple of days to see what the rest of Canada is working on.

Happy designing!                     Blessings, Peg


  1. Hi Peg,
    I like the map in the middle of your quilt. It is a good idea. I can hardly wait to see the quilt finished.
    I'm just speeding ahead. I cut out January already.

  2. It's coming along wonderfully. If you want to add some visual weight to the right you could add a narrow border around the block, making it a light color on the left side and a darker color on the right. Or, add an applique in the empty space on the upper right - maybe a Canadian flag or the compass symbol, or even embroider the first lines from our national anthem :)

  3. Maybe putting a frame around the map and then centering it within the border might make the map look a little more important. You did such a great job - I am impressed.

  4. Is blue fabric paint around the edges of the continent an idea? Maybe it's stupid. It comes from the busywork they used to make us do when I was in early primary school. Maybe you never had to do that. It's hard to explain. It would make the map a bit more obvious. Those lovely blocks steal the show a bit, don't they?

  5. Beautiful work on the applique! I love the map, but it does look off centre (even if it is centred...)

  6. Great start. It doesn't look off centre but it could be bigger or you can make it pop with an accent border. I'm thinking a purple which ggoes well with greens and the earthy colours. You are doing swell.

  7. It looks great. I am really impressed with the map.