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Saturday, January 14, 2012

And then the snow came

After the Christmas rush, which included a couple of birthday parties and some ESS work, I slept through midnight on New Years’ Eve…..so we could get on the road New Years’ Day.

You may well ask where we were going………should be to a warm climate, right!!!  NOT!!!  Instead we headed north to snow country – the reason – my niece’s wedding.

Up there, the snow has been around for a while already, so most roads were plowed – and for those that weren’t, well, we have good snow tires, and experienced drivers.  I love snow, love to watch it fall, love to smell it, love to glory in its purity.  I did wish we lived somewhere we could have snow more often.


The wedding was beautiful!  The bride gorgeous, the groom handsome, the snow and frozen lake made a fabulous  backdrop  095

And we had a good time with some of the family (not many able to make the trip at this time of year).



We stayed around for a couple of days to visit and catch up on all the news – admiring my sister’s wall mural:020


And playing Kinnect with my youngest niece


Even Grandpa played!



We arrived home to a Christmas house (oh, how I wished I’d finished it up before we left).  By the time that was all down, we were unpacked, laundry done, household necessities addressed……..all of a sudden it was the weekend.

And then the snow came to the valley here!  So pretty, falling straight down in the dark, with the streetlights shining behind it.  Did I say I love snow, it’s whiteness, the peace and calm it seems to bring to the world.

It was just as pretty as we drove out this morning – me to a quilt class and Grizz to run a couple of errands009

Yes, we had to shovel, well Grizz shoveled - and the snow plows are out for the first time this season…….but there’s something so magical about snow on trees, snow in the darkness of night, snow falling on tongues sticking out to catch it, snow on a hillside with kids sledding.     Did I say yet I love it!

They’re telling us we’re in for more snow, and I’m going to enjoy this!   And drink hot chocolate with marshmallows to celebrate!

Happy winter!                  Blessings, Peg


  1. I was out most of the day. Started early for a meeting and the sun was shining. Arrived home about 3:30. Right now it is about 6:30 and we have 2 inches of snow. It is falling and so beautiful. Predicted to stop during the night. By Monday up in the 50 and sunny again. The snow is really scarce in this neck of the woods these days. Nothing like when I was little and it stayed on for weeks. School was never called off when I was going. Now A fine film and out they come. It is sad that the fear of litigation causes folks to go bananas. I love snow too. Congrats to your niece and family.

  2. Lovely photos! I wish to attend a wedding soon. :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.

  3. We had a tiny bit - just settled on the grass - and then melted by mid morning. They are predicting more this week - the grandsons will be happy.

  4. Looks like a wonderful time, and the snow looks beautiful!!

  5. We did wonder if we would be having snow this weekend. It was forecast, and the sky was grey, but the temp went downwards and now it is just sooooo cold!

  6. The snow is beautiful, isn't it? So under-appreciated. Glad you got your snow fix and that you all made it here and back safely. And - Wow! - nice mural! LOL

  7. I love snow - can't imagine living without it. Now the cold.... well honestly I don't mind a bit of it, but I hope out current cold snap doesn't last for too long.