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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Slippery Slope

of 60!!

We live in a senior’s neighborhood – and several of our friends here had warned us……

But who knew the slide could be so fast!


I turned 60 a couple of months ago.  No fanfare, no excitement, just another birthday.

But a couple of months before that………….I made the mistake of visiting my doctor, just to get a renewed prescription for eczema that had cropped up a little before that.  But he’d been away when that was diagnosed, and this was the first time he’d seen me in, well, a few years it turned out!

So when I told him my hands still hurt from arthritis (and showed him the arthritic changes starting), and complained about stiff hips and sore knees – he decided to send me for just about every test under the sun. 

I am healthy, really I am!


But apparently I have arthritis, osteoporosis, and an antibody that could lead to an autoimmune disease.   Oh, man!  So began the process of deciding what to do about these – pills to keep arthritis discomfort at bay (already doing that!), injections to minimize the damage that osteoporosis could cause, and a visit arranged with a rheumatologist to decide what, if anything, was to be done about the antibodies.

The good news in all of that is that the antibodies are not now, and may never, causing a definitive process.

In between there, I woke up one morning with a shoulder so sore that I could hardly move it.  I took more of those pain pills, and applied some heat, and made it move – and a few days later got to the doc to learn that I have tendonitis in that shoulder.  So off to physio for a few visits.  Later when I got to the rheumatologist, he confirmed the tendonitis diagnosis, added bursitis to that, and wanted to inject cortisone.  I rejected that idea – real fast!  So I’ve been continuing with the medication, heat, exercise – and I’m at the point that the shoulder discomfort is manageable most of the day, once I get it moving in the morning.  A recent x-ray confirmed no bone involvement – so it’s back to physio some more.

But then I swallowed a chicken bone about 6 weeks ago, and consequently had a chest x-ray.  Which prompted another call from the doc – come on in, we need to talk!

It appears that I’ve developed what they call compression fractures in my neck and upper spine.  Oh, great!  They’re from the osteoporosis, which is already being managed, so nothing more to be done, just awareness of the fragility.  So now I’m not allowed to go jumping on trampolines, or sky-diving – can you believe it!

And…….get this………..my blood pressure is up!  Another pill – to counteract this side effect from the pill I’m taking to keep my shoulder from hurting so much.  The doc has promised me that it’s not a ‘forever’ medication.  Just have to take it until I can get off the anti-inflammatory meds.

All I can say is – quilting doesn’t involved any jumping, or diving, or lifting heavy objects.  So hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to sew I go!

Good health to you all!                     Blessings, Peg


  1. My Dr told me that from 60 onwards it is like a river running downwards...very poetic!

  2. My philosophy is: ignorance is bliss! So I stay away from Dr.s who could burst that wee bubble. The other night I dreamed that I met and married - where did that come from? - a doctor. I figured I'd still be safe because he couldn't treat me. LOL I'm fairly certain the dream was not prophetic; there are no doctors around here to meet, let alone marry. Hope you're okay and able to cope with not being allowed to sky dive. Sheesh! That is a bummer!

  3. My goodness! After 65 it is patch, patch, patch. Enjoy the quilting!!!!

  4. Oh no! I'm 50+ and you are really scaring me. But I suppose the alternative is worse, right?

  5. No Worries! Old Quilters never die, they just fall apart at the seams! (giggle)