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A Pieceful Life


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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

At last, all caught up!  Emails read and answered, FB posts and comments enjoyed, Blogs all caught up.  Now it’s time to get my own blog up to date.

Last week Wednesday we headed out – destination: Kelowna; purpose: cardiologist visit with my dad.

We took the long way around.  Leaving home with just small patches of snow around where the plows had piled it up, we went through snow country.  At Manning Park Lodge, we stopped for a hot drink, and saw the skiers lined up waiting for the bus to the slopes:


And noted the snow that had fallen off the roof


It was a gloriously bright day, and we enjoyed our little walk in the snow.  As we continued east, and arrived in the South Okanagan, there was much less snow:DSCN8469

A stop at Osoyoos, and we turned northward.  Arriving at Kelowna, it was almost spring-like:DSCN8470

After a stop for a late lunch, and some shopping we finally made it to Mom and Dad’s in time for dinner with them.  Why did we make a usual 4-hour trip into an 8-hour trip – you may well ask!  The stop at Osoyoos was to pick up this little gem:042.Exercise bike

We found it on Craig’s List, a good price, and a good way to get back into a regular exercise program for both of us. 

And the day and a half with my parents was great!  We often do the return trip in a day, and it can be exhausting – but we had the time to spend, and enjoyed my mom’s wonderful cooking, and played some games with them, just (mostly) relaxing.  My dad’s visit to the cardiologist was encouraging, and we’re anticipating good results when he goes back for further testing.  All in all, a great three days.

Returning home Friday afternoon, there was a parcel in the mail.  Back in December, Alderwood Quilts sponsored this giveaway.  It was just one of many that I entered.  All Sue asked was that we submit a photo of a Christmas quilt – and on December 10, lo and behold, my shower curtain was on her blog. I learned on arrival home from our early January trip that I had WON this fabulous pattern:


The color-way that really caught my eye was this:

and now with its arrival, I can start searching out fabrics.  How gorgeous is that!  Thanks, Sue, for this most welcome prize.  I can hardly wait to get started!

Saturday we met friends to go to the RV Show.  They’re shopping, and it’s so much fun to go along and look at all the goodies out there!  They came home for dinner, and another couple joined us, and we ate and laughed and played cards until bed time.

So it’s no wonder I haven’t had much time for blogging. 

Or sewing either!  Must go ride the bike and then get at the machine, or I won’t have much to share on WIP Wednesday!

Happy, busy life!                Blessings, Peg


  1. What a lovely pattern Peg! I'll b curious to se what colours you choose to work with on this one.

  2. Interesting mix of snow and no snow... And I LOVE that pattern. I think I must have told you so before. I can't wait to see what you sew up from it.

  3. Great times with family and friends. Hooray for you. Love that pattern too. Blessings

  4. That bottom one would look so nice on my bed....

    1. And you know, every time I look at it I think of you!