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Friday, February 17, 2012

Nosey Parker - Crafting

I’m not a great crafter, don’t have the fantastic imagination that the crafters around me seem to have, but I do like some crafts and have tried my hand at lots of others.  So when Nosey Parker invited us to share about crafting in our lives, I thought I’d get in on the action.
1)  What are your preferred crafts? Do you have one primary one that you do most of or do you dabble around in many different crafts?
Right now, my preferred crafts are quilting and cross stitch.  I have enjoyed needle work of many kinds over the years – crocheting, a little bit of knitting, embroidery, sewing.  Also tried ceramics, tole painting and various others here and there.  When I discovered counted cross-stitch, I fell in love, and found that the most relaxing activity for me (and I could keep my hands busy NOT eating when in front of the TV).

About 10 years ago, along came quilting – and I fell in love all over again.  Sewing is not as relaxing for me, but putting together those puzzles and seeing the finished product is heaven!
This is the Row by Row taught at our LQS,  with lost of different techniques incorporated:

103.Row by Row
2)  What avenues inspire you most in your sewing/crafting that we might like to check out?
My first inspiration is the quilters around me.  Now most of you won’t be able to check them out, because you don’t live here.   But quilt bloggers have more inspiration than I can even begin to try out.  And you all can certainly check them out.  Some of them are listed on my side-bar, just for your convenience!
3) Are you a one project at a time person or do you have "craft ADD" - OR are you somehow like me and have a combination of both?
I used to be a one project at a time person, but that doesn’t always work well in the quilting world.  Especially when doing BOM’s or QAL’s.  So I’ve got projects lined up.  Right now – 2 BOM’s, 2 surprise projects started, 1 request fabric purchased, another request pending, another surprise project brewing, a small wall-hanging started waiting for me to find just the right fabrics to finish it up…..and a cross-stitch project started, with another to finish this year yet. 
4)  What is/has been your longest ever Work in Progress (WIP)?
My longest ever project is a cross-stitch that’s on the go, started several years ago, and fits in between other projects.  A local artist gave me a photo of a painting, and permission to transfer it to a cross-stitch pattern.  The finished project will be about 20”x30”.
This first picture is just a small piece of the pattern:

And this is what’s complete so far – about half:
5 ) What are some of your crafty projects that you've made recently (or not so recently is ok to) that you'd love us to see?
A couple of quilts – Harley T-shirts into a king-size quilt for friends, and Homespun Harmony wall-hanging for myself:008. Harley t-shirts.jpg

074.Homespun Harmony
A cross-stitch Christmas stocking, and machine embroidered door-hangers:

Ali and JB 2010

6) Do you have a piece of fabric or craft item of any sort with a story behind it that you'd like to share?
Our family adopted the German tradition of Christmas plates (instead of stockings) from Grizz’s family, and each year our children would get their plate in their bedroom on Christmas morning.  Our daughter wanted stockings, and often voiced that desire clearly and loudly.  When she was 15 years old, I cross-stitched a stocking for her for a gift, and put a note in the package saying she’s get the stocking of her choice every year for as long as she wanted one.  That lasted about 15 years.  So she has a lot of stockings, that she uses for decorating her home.  Below are some pictures – the first stocking she received, a nativity scene that she chose, a hardanger (when I was trying out that craft), a knitted stocking designed by my sister.



So, that’s my crafty story – what’s yours?
It’s FNSI today – so I’m going to go and get a head start!
Happy sewing/crafting!   Blessings, Peg


  1. Wow, that picture you are turning into a cross stich painting really looks awsome. My grandma has a lot of cross stich paintings my aunt did, and I know how much time and love she put into them. No matter how small a cross stich project is I would always say there is a little more love in it than in machine embroidery, just because it's completely handmade.
    Where in Germnay do your friends come from? I never heard of a "Christmas plate". I like the stockings, such traditions something to cherish ...
    Thanks for sharing the stories!

  2. Gorgeous stockings. Ali makes X-stitch stocking for all the little ones. They are such lovely keepsakes. Does A get all 15 stockings filled each year? LOL