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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


First off, I'd like to thank Lindsey, Lori and Renate for their comments on the cute picture of Charlie - the picture wasn't about the picture, or even getting a picture posted, but about discovering how Blogger and Picasa work.  Read on to share in my adventure!

A few days ago, I was searching the web to see if I could find a web-based storage for our photos – you know in case we have a house fire and everything is destroyed, and there’s no way to recover those photos, even those ones backed up on CD and an external hard drive.
In my search I came across Picasa.  I’d heard of it, but hadn’t explored it at all, as I hadn’t felt the need.  When I discovered Picasa, I found a whole bunch of photo albums, of MY photos, that I didn’t know existed.   They were labeled with things like ‘Pieces on My Mind’ and ‘Blog Photos’ and ‘Windows Live Writer’.  At this point in time, I had no idea that there was a difference between Picasa and Picasa Web Album.

So, as I looked through these ‘new’ albums, I thought: ‘what a waste of space, almost every photo is in here 2-3 times.  I can much more effectively use this to store the albums that I have on my C: drive as a back up – you know just in case we have a house fire and everything is destroyed, and there’s no way to recover those photos, even those ones backed up on CD and an external hard drive.’
I therefore proceeded to delete the ‘unnecessary’ albums, thinking I was doing such a great service to the world at large in saving all this web space for others to save their photos.  Oh, and BTW, Picasa Web Album space is limited, and if you have too many photos, you have to pay for the privilege to keep putting your photos on there – another good reason to free up space for all the other folks out there who want to save their photos on Picasa Web Album. 
There was a warning – photos would no longer be available on Google +, but what’s that to me?  I don’t use Google +……………….do I?
Then I got an email message:  ‘What happened to all the photos on your blog?”              Well, what did happen to them?                I wanted to blame Blogger.  After all, shouldn’t they be taking care of me, and my photos!
But it turned out it’s all me!!!  I’m an idiot.  A little in my defense, the warning did not state that photos would be removed from my blogs, nor did it state that they were not recoverable.  As I searched and read and asked questions and dug through chat groups,

I discovered that, in fact, both of the above are true.  Actually, the Picasa or Google or some ‘official’ site stated that the warning tells us that the photos would disappear from blogs.  In fact, it doesn’t, because I went back and checked (aborting the mission of deleting an album very, very carefully so as not to lose any more than I already had).
The only way to recover photos deleted from Picasa Web Albums, which are apparently automatically created for Blogger blogs, with every picture ever posted from personal files, is to – blog by blog – repost with pictures.  Photos from web-sites are not preserved there, so they were safe from the purging that I did.

Well, lesson learned, and new things discovered.  In case you’re wondering, Picasa is a down-loadable program for storing and organizing photos.  Picasa Web Album exists within Google to ‘link’ photos from your hard-drive files to your blog-writer.  You can also use PWA (isn’t that an airline?) to create your own albums to store your photos in a safe environment where they can be found any time – you know in case you have a house fire and everything is destroyed, and there’s no way to recover those photos, even those ones backed up on CD and an external hard drive.  You do have the choice who can view the photos on PWA, so you don’t (I think in all my naivety) have to worry about snoopers.  But I won’t get into that, at least not on this post.
Also having downloaded the Picasa program – I’ve already decided I don’t like it much.  I think I’ll stick to Windows Photo Gallery – at least I know my way around there.
Anyway, I’ve reposted a few blog posts, complete with photos, and they appear to be working.   It took about 2 hours to get done what I did get done, and that’s as far back as Windows Live Writer will take me.  I deleted a few really unnecessary-to-keep posts, and I’m back to Jan 24.  Oh, my!!!!  What a task ahead – if I bother to do this.  I really do wonder how important it is to keep all the photos in all the blogs for about 3 years.  Not sure that I’m going to worry about it much.
Oh, and I’m going to go out and buy a fire-proof safe for the CDs and external hard drive – you know, in case we have a house fire and everything is destroyed………………..
Whew!!!!!!!                                       Blessings, Peg


  1. It is scary when we start messing with stuff like this. I bought two large thumb drives - 30G each - and put 48 years of photos on them (over 60,000 at last count) and put the thumb drives in the safety deposit box. As well as having my external drive in case my lap top fails. It makes me feel better knowing I have copies.

  2. Wow! Yes, I thought I was the only one that ever did this! I found out the hard way too. I don't understand it all but I'm not messing with anything! LOL!

  3. Oh Peg, you make think of me so often.....that is definitely something I would do :).
    I actually have used Picasa for a number of years to just store my photos without using the web albums. I mostly like it except it takes any picture on your computer and saves it frequently picking up podcast pictures etc which is annoying.
    Good luck replacing what was deleted or at least the ones that are important.

  4. Oh Peg you remind me of me so often......that is definitely something I would do :).
    I have used Picasa for my photos for a number of years but have only uploaded a few to web albums as I wasn't thinking of it as storage which is something I have been looking for. I have gotten used to picasa but my pet peeve is that it finds every picture on your computer and saves it ; such as podcasts or documents. We have organized pictures in Picasa but found when we saved them to a stick it mixes them all up so needing to work that out. Anyway back to quilting.

  5. Thanks Peg! I can now avoid learning by trial and error. Thanks for sharing the OOOPs!

  6. I am more confused than before, but I have picasa and the web albums so I'll try to not worry about it. I also have some pics saved on flickr, but I keep that mostly for quilt pictures and picasa for all pictures. I also have some pictures on some other photo place .. not to mention facebook.

  7. What a nightmare! Hopefully you haven't lost any important pictures. After reading your post I immediately made a cd of my most important photos. I'm going to give it to my brother for safekeeping!

  8. All this "drop box", "cloud", virtually-stored stuff kind of scares me. But I think that's got something to do with my increasing age. I wish I felt more confident about it all. And, Blogger can annoy me more than wonky tension on my sewing machine -- that kind of tension I know I can fix. Glad to know you got it all worked out.

  9. OH, my! That is a bit scary. I use DropBox now to back-up all my files. At least that's the premise. I have to remember to back them up when I add new ones.